Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers December 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
1970s ITV drama series starring Colin Douglas and Barbara Flynn AFAMILYATWAR
Grass of S Europe and N Africa that yields a fibre used to make rope and mats ESPARTO
Close-fitting medieval visored helmet with a neck guard ARMET
Isaac —, author of 1950 story collection I, Robot ASIMOV
Albert —, winner of the 1957 Nobel Prize in Literature CAMUS
2009 action film starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana AVATAR
Juan —, Spanish Cubist painter whose works include 1916’s Still Life with Playing Cards GRIS
Singer-actor who starred as Jim MacLaine in 1973 film drama That’ll Be the Day DAVID
Pacific salmon with red flesh valued as a food fish SOCKEYE
LZ 127 —, German rigid airship whose first flight was in 1928 GRAFZEPPELIN
Capital of the autonomous community of Navarre, Spain PAMPLONA
Seventh sign of the zodiac LIBRA
George Gordon —, poet whose works include When We Two Parted and Beppo BYRON
A J —, England Test cricket captain who hit 110 against Australia in Brisbane in 2010 STRAUSS
City in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany on the River Lippe severely damaged in the Second World War HAMM
1970s ITV children’s drama series starring Michael MacKenzie as Tarot ACEOFWANDS
Comedian-actor known for his improvisation partnership with Jim Sweeney STEVESTEEN
In golf, an estimated standard score for a hole that a good player should make PAR
Diving bird of northern oceans with a black and white plumage AUK
Small circular fort used by Britain for coastal defence at the time of the Napoleonic Wars MARTELLO
Capital of Wales CARDIFF
Landlocked anchorage in Orkney; a major naval base in both World Wars SCAPA
In heraldry, the colour green VERT