New York Times Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Flew the coop ESCAPED
Like Chippendales revues ALLMALE
Marking, as windows on Halloween SOAPING
Large egg producer EMU
Cream ___ (beverage) SODA
Knight’s wear ARMOR
T�a of "Madam Secretary" LEONI
Tom Collins ingredient GIN
Important datum for Social Security eligibility AGE
Place in a crypt ENTOMB
Ceremonially names ANOINTS
Light, friendly punch LOVETAP
With audacity BRASHLY
Fair with booths EXPO
Fish in an ornamental pond KOI
Neeson of "Taken" LIAM
Martial arts centers DOJOS
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
Covert govt. org. NSA
Mythical beauty whose face "launched a thousand ships" HELEN
French friend AMI
Floor model DEMO
Source of arrogance EGO
Jaw-dropping opening? YAWN
Nascar devotee RACEFAN
"Shoulda listened to me …" ITOLDYA
Frantic rush MADDASH
"Briefly …" INAWORD
Never ever NOTONCE
Strands, as at a ski lodge SNOWSIN
Wearable souvenir, informally TEE
Powerball winner’s cry IMRICH
Twosome DYAD
Attacked from below the hip KNEED
At the crack of dawn, say EARLY
Jules Verne captain NEMO
Gun lovers’ org. NRA
Taker of religious vows NUN
Ryan of "Sleepless in Seattle" MEG
Soothes EASES
Aquarium buildup ALGAE
Edmonton’s province: Abbr. ALB
TV replay technique SLOMO
Hold power, as a monarch REIGN
Neither’s partner NOR
"Water Lilies" painter CLAUDEMONET
Lab eggs OVA
Rock concert blaster AMP
Nerve cell part AXON
Dust Bowl migrants OKIES
Beach toy with a handle PAIL
June, in the L.G.B.T.Q. movement PRIDEMONTH
Pacific source of odd weather ELNINO
Like the paths of satellites ORBITAL
Impressionist Edgar DEGAS
Muslim pilgrim HAJI
Snoop (on) SPY
Place for salt on a margarita glass RIM
Yale students ELIS
Opposite of losses GAINS
Simultaneously ATATIME
Negative about DOWNON
Computer programmer, disparagingly CODEMONKEY
Brussels-based defense grp. NATO
Revered one in a tribe ELDER
Indian bread NAAN
"Fancy that!" WOW
Public health org. FDA
Personal struggles … or, literally, features of 17-, 26-, 36- and 52-Across INNERDEMONS
Sailors’ yeses AYS
Deliberately hurtful CRUEL
French thanks MERCI
"Fuhgeddaboutit!" NAH
At one’s fingertips HANDY
Poet Nash OGDEN