New York Times Crossword Answers December 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
"Shucks!" AWGEE
Pole star? SANTA
Suffix with Jersey ITE
Contents of IV bags SERA
The Trump who wrote "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life" IVANKA
Knight ‘hood? CASTLE
Mont Blanc, par exemple ALPE
One’s Nintendo avatar MII
Revamp ALTER
Lincoln Center’s Walter ___ Theater READE
Get ready for a Mr. Olympia competition, say OILUP
What some of the black squares in the grid might represent SLINGSHOT
Another thing they might represent GOALPOSTS
Blue Cross offering, briefly HMO
Winter Palace resident TSARINA
Burn rubber PEELOUT
Another thing they might represent TUNINGFORK
One more thing they might represent THELETTERY
"Little" trio in kiddie lit PIGS
Again ANEW
Approximately 354 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes LUNARYEAR
Diminutive of Josephine FIFI
Senator in 2017 news ALFRANKEN
Puente of "The Mambo Kings" TITO
Oil and gas giant HESS
Photo tone SEPIA
Swashbuckling Flynn ERROL
Having sat in the locker room way too long RIPE
Relative of cream ECRU
Puts into service USES
Tick off MIFF
Abbr. at the bottom of a page of text CONT
Words with hold or pass ONTO
Filling food? PIE
Dernier ___ (latest thing) CRI
Birthplace of St. Clare ASSISI
Mustang alternative CAMARO
"Oh, I don’t care" WHATEVS
Last name in astronomy GALILEI
Winner of 13 Outstanding Drama Series Emmys GENERALHOSPITAL
Snack EAT
Email address ending EDU
Form of "sum" ERAT
Hillock KNOLL
Elite-type school PREP
What does follow? STAG
St. ___ (site of a spring vacay) PETE
Micronesian nation composed of hundreds of islands PALAU
Busy W. Coast airport SFO
___ bar HEATH
Prepare for entombment, say INURN
"___ Eye Is on the Sparrow" (hymn) HIS
Kemper who plays Kimmy on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" ELLIE
Ones involved in wishful thinking? GENII
___-quoted OFT
Features of some apartments LOFTS
Elizabeth ___, "Pirates of the Caribbean" protagonist SWANN
"Deck the Halls" contraction TIS
Foreign currency option EUROS
Rips (on) RAGS
___ Candy, Wonder Woman’s best friend ETTA
Spanish chess piece REY
Pot-au-___ (French stew) FEU
1980s TV star known for wearing chains MRT
First-tier supervisor in the U.S.M.C. NCO
Colorful, cold treats ICEPOPS
"S’pose so" IRECKON
Badlands National Park feature PRAIRIE
Available FORRENT
Words of understanding? EUREKAS
Reach by air FLYINTO