New York Times Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Nighttime wear, familiarly PJS
Cheerleader’s cry RAH
Words solemnly sworn IDO
Subway system METRO
Swede who developed a temperature scale CELSIUS
Ease up on LOOSEN
Without repetition ONCE
Sound of disapproval TSK
Purchase for a newborn LAYETTE
"Jeopardy!" host Trebek ALEX
*Marinara sauce thickener TOMATOPASTE
Vice president between Gore and Biden CHENEY
Fairy tale boy who outsmarts a witch HANSEL
Mean witch’s pronouncement CURSE
Soft mineral TALC
Bottle stopper CORK
Landmass bounded by a mountain chain and three oceans ASIA
*Dispenser of psychiatric advice to Charlie Brown LUCYVANPELT
Notable achievement FEAT
Book jacket write-up BLURB
What might turn up dirt on someone? HOE
Stars-and-stripes land, for short USA
Call at a deli or barbershop NEXT
What psychological trauma may leave SCAR
Swine HOGS
Like a midlevel general or a so-so movie TWOSTAR
Hippocratic ___ OATH
Social gaffe FAUXPAS
"Slumdog Millionaire" setting INDIA
Cooking oil brand CRISCO
Churchill Downs event DERBY
1970s tennis champ Nastase ILIE
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite" MIRA
Overly theatrical type HAM
Motorists’ org. AAA
Racket DIN
Animal with a rack ELK
Adhering to old-fashioned modesty PRIM
Congeal, as blood CLOT
Gate closer LATCH
Green precious stone JADE
Years and years and years EONS
Honolulu hello ALOHA
*Game-quickening timer in basketball SHOTCLOCK
Arabian Peninsula nation YEMEN
Charlotte ___ (rich dessert) RUSSE
Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush TEXANS
Food unit counted by a dieter CALORIE
Budgetary excess FAT
Golf ball propper-upper TEE
Columbus campus, briefly OSU
*Snowbirds’ destination SUNBELT
Cartoondom’s Olive ___ OYL
Tie, as figure skates LACEUP
Clobber in the ring KAYO
Weirdo NUT
Miss America accessory SASH
President saying "No!" VETOER
Utter failure FIASCO
Govt. of the Rebs CSA
*Long vegetable with a yellow pod WAXBEAN
Game of pursuit TAG
Take part in 49-Across RUN
Mel honored in Cooperstown OTT
Ships’ direction controllers RUDDERS
Mischievous IMPISH
Small food fish SMELT
List of popular songs … or a hint to the ends of the answers to the starred clues HITPARADE
Hairlike projections on cells CILIA
Wagner’s "Liebestod," e.g. ARIA
Something an arrested person tries to "make" BAIL
Playful river animal OTTER
Some "big" burgers MACS
Reb’s foe YANK