News Day Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Boxing venue ARENA
Quite pleased GLAD
Baby’s bed CRIB
Of the moon LUNAR
Shoestring LACE
Make over REDO
Early afternoon hr. ONEPM
Author unknown: Abbr. ANON
”Once __ a time . . .” UPON
People with deeds to dwellings HOMEOWNERS
Castaway’s home ISLE
__ day now (pretty soon) ANY
Camcorder button REC
Current events NEWS
Computer storage measures BYTES
Spanish party FIESTA
Pottery material CLAY
Actor Matt DAMON
Heavy weight TON
Group that runs an inn HOTELMANAGEMENT
Solid __ rock ASA
Short golf strokes PUTTS
Is indebted to OWES
Puts a new price on RETAGS
”All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
Flying mammals BATS
Before, in poetry ERE
Resort with hot springs SPA
Walks away GOES
Magician’s word HOCUSPOCUS
Anger RAGE
”Sorry to hear that” ALAS
Plain to see OVERT
Laundry appliance IRON
Bouquet holder VASE
Sight or hearing SENSE
Soft ”Hey, you!” PSST
Historical periods ERAS
Walk inside ENTER
Honolulu greeting ALOHA
Talk too much RUNON
Back of the neck NAPE
National Guard outpost ARMORY
Examined quickly GLANCEDAT
Narrow street LANE
Squirrel snack ACORN
Major visibility problem for drivers DENSEFOG
Ocean liner vacation CRUISE
Salespeople, for short REPS
Revered star IDOL
Dog biscuit shape, often BONE
Moisten WET
Champagne or Chablis WINE
Parting word BYE
Speaker of the cheer in question SANTA
Soup’s thicker relative STEW
Voicemail sound TONE
Bugs in colonies ANTS
Burn a bit CHAR
Come in second LOSE
Rat-__ (knocking sound) ATAT
Some rubdown experts MASSEUSES
Women’s links org. LPGA
”Miney” follower MOE
Not in class ABSENT
Taxing org. IRS
Oust from power DEPOSE
Sun-powered SOLAR
Bloodhound’s trail SCENT
Handbag PURSE
Autumn flower ASTER
Hold firmly GRIP
Rowboat propellers OARS
Swelled heads EGOS
Hernando’s home CASA
Baking appliance OVEN