News Day Crossword Answers December 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Passover feast SEDER
France’s patron saint DENIS
Successful legislation ACTS
Regarding ASTO
Address an audience ORATE
Hot under the collar IRATE
Boutique SHOP
Eminent anthropologist MEAD
”. . . __ and a button nose . . .” WITHACORNCOBPIPE
Large collection BEVY
Neighbor of Peru ECUADOR
Ben-__ (Heston role) HUR
Makes one’s home RESIDES
Rhett Butler’s last word DAMN
Innocent one LAMB
Green beverage LIMEADE
Vintage-phone trio PRS
Hourglasses, for instance TIMERS
Foolish one DOLT
Without help ALONE
”. . . but the children know __ . . .” HOWHECAMETOLIFEONEDAY
Amalgamation UNION
Mexican shawl SERAPE
Ventilation tube DUCT
Venomous snakes MAMBAS
Car with no gas tank TESLA
Stops hiking for a bit RESTS
Austrian peak ALP
Spa staffer MASSEUR
”Simpsons” grandpa ABE
Hog-calling shout SOOEY
Vivid crayon category NEON
”. . . He began to __ . . .” DANCEAROUND
Behavior to avoid NONO
First course of a sort SALAD
Informal refusal NAH
Winery employees TASTERS
Day planner abbr. THU
Ledger entry DEBIT
Offer as explanation POSIT
Winter Olympics race SLALOM
Unpleasant task ONUS
Main course ENTREE
Grammy category OPERA
”. . . Don’t you cry, __” ILLBEBACKAGAINSOMEDAY
German mathematician GAUSS
Director Buñuel LUIS
Amateur NONPRO
Out-of-date, for short OBS
Perpetual ETERNAL
Academic period TERM
Santa’s burden SACK
Certain vaccine’s target TETANUS
Londoner’s lav LOO
Swimmer’s ailment EARACHE
Spiral shape COIL
Subject of the carol lines FROSTYTHESNOWMAN
Palette array HUES
Durable hardwood TEAK
Molecular makeup ATOMS
Used for dinnerware ATEON
Continental prefix AFRO
Energetic SPRY
State-run game LOTTO
Unlike rolling stones, supposedly MOSSY
Planted, as seeds SOWED
Novelist Jong ERICA
Single statistic DATUM
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Study a script READ
Kids’ shoebox projects DIORAMAS
Make a mess of things ERR
A Bobbsey twin NAN
Hankering ITCH
East Asian capital SEOUL
Venomous snake ASP
Tai __ (martial art) CHI
Five-star TOPRATED
Radar reading SPEED
It means ”both” AMBI
Place for peas SEEDPOD
Athens eatery TAVERNA
Wanderer’s adventure ODYSSEY
Infant’s ailment COLIC
Stable gear BRIDLES
Occult activities SEANCES
Viral Web phenomenon MEME
Title in Uncle Remus tales BRER
Me, in Marseilles MOI
Santa assistant ELF
Midmorning hr. TENAM
Art in a park STATUE
Makes known LETSON
Everyone HUMANS
How a dog is walked ONALEAD
Street where Elizabeth Barrett lived WIMPOLE
Goblin starter HOB
In working order OPERATING
Possessive pronoun OUR
Unfortunate SAD
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Border on ABUT
Played a flute TOOTLED
Portuguese woman SENHORA
__ Gabriel Mountains SAN
Kid’s coat closer SNAP
Say again ECHO
Compass reading ENE
”Permission granted” YOUMAY
Bigwigs NABOBS
Wicker material RATTAN
Many coll. professors DRS
Blixen’s pen name DINESEN
Sports replay mode SLOMO
Margarine holder TUB
What might fill a mill SEASALT
Large primate APE
Person on commission SALESREP
Real hoot RIOT
Feminizing suffix ENNE
Trattoria beverage ESPRESSO
”Understood” IGOTCHA
Shia of the Transformers films LABEOUF
More spirited LUSTIER
Mutt CUR
Family members KIN
Suze of personal finance ORMAN
University near Boston TUFTS
Boy Scout Law adjective LOYAL
Made sure of SAWTO
Heights of perfection ACMES
Pandemonium CHAOS
”South Park” boy KENNY
Furthermore ALSO
Comics bulldog OTTO
Meander ROAM
Canoe implement OAR
Rainbow’s location SKY
Pungent or popular HOT
Paramedic designation EMT