News Day Crossword Answers December 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Front of the hand PALM
Annoys IRKS
Pickle herb DILL
Cavalry sword SABER
Scenic sight VIEW
”Understood” ISEE
Islam’s Almighty ALLAH
Notion IDEA
Wise person SAGE
Very, very small TEENYWEENY
Barber’s expertise HAIR
Prosecutors: Abbr. DAS
Makes into law ENACTS
100-yard races DASHES
Autumn apple drink CIDER
Convertible or coupe AUTO
Make preparations PLAN
Accumulate AMASS
Three-person singing groups TRIOS
Raggedy doll ANN
Bottom-line amount TOTAL
Agricultural soil EARTH
Toward sunset WEST
__ of the above (questionnaire category) NONE
Is worthy of EARNS
Wrote a limerick, for example RHYMED
Take to court SUE
Luau dance HULA
Metal in barbells IRON
”Garfield” dog ODIE
Mischievous sprite PIXIE
Person, place or thing NOUN
Unable to decide TORN
Gives off EMITS
Raggedy doll ANDY
Otherwise ELSE
Quantity of medicine DOSE
Become drained of color PALE
Competent ABLE
Low in fat LEAN
Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego MRHYDE
Climbing vines IVIES
Take a bus or train RIDE
Sharp, as vision KEEN
Convinced SWAYED
Friction within a group DISHARMONY
Sir __ Newton ISAAC
Authentic, informally LEGIT
Impolite looks LEERS
Occupied a sofa SAT
Stinging insect WASP
Go out with DATE
Subtle glow AURA
Mix together STIR
Folk-singing gathering HOOTENANNY
Walking sticks CANES
Rural hotels INNS
Grass in front of a home LAWN
Molecule part ATOM
Sensible SANE
Snow glider SLED
Thick carpet SHAG
Factual TRUE
TV device with a mute button REMOTE
Lent a hand HELPED
Set of fine dinnerware CHINA
One of the Great Lakes HURON
So all can hear ALOUD
Part of a play SCENE
Fan favorite IDOL
Titles for knights SIRS
VIP’s vehicle, for short LIMO
Line of rotation AXIS
Evening, on marquees NITE
”You bet!” YES