Premier Sunday Crossword Answers August 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
1995-96 CIA director John DEUTCH
Seat of Johnson County, Kansas OLATHE
Dah’s counterpart in Morse code DIT
Ungar of poker STU
African antelope IMPALA
Mink’s relative FERRET
Actress Jennifer ANISTON
Nebraska-based insurance company [1935] MUTUALOFOMAHA
"I’ve Got a Crush —" ONYOU
Bean high in protein SOY
"Wide — Sea" (Jean Rhys novel) SARGASSO
Desires WANTS
Summons for speeding, say [1948] TRAFFICCITATION
Foofaraw ADO
Like granola OATY
Up to the time when UNTIL
Chicago-to-Tampa dir. SSE
Sharp items with eyes [1956] SEWINGNEEDLES
Bond part ATOM
Day, in Chile DIA
"Seats sold out" sign SRO
Mood of an environment AMBIENCE
Cloud layer STRATUS
Being attacked [1946] UNDERASSAULT
Funny Margaret CHO
Water, in Chile AGUA
"— you one" IOWE
Ventriloquist Bergen EDGAR
Egg layers in coops HENS
Refittings of cars’ motors [1955] ENGINESWAPS
Fluids with antibodies SERA
Writer Asimov ISAAC
Comical Idle ERIC
Water pit SUMP
Racer Jarrett NED
Having recognized the value of one’s own conscious being [1978] SELFAFFIRMED
Artist’s mixing board PALETTE
Amber wines MADEIRAS
"You betcha" YEP
"Angie" actor Stephen REA
Ollie’s buddy STAN
Executive arm headed by António Guterres, for short [1973] UNSECRETARIAT
Acer or Asus products PCS
Touch base on a fly TAGUP
Easy throws LOBS
Gp. backing arms NRA
"Just Shoot Me!" actress [2005] LAURASANGIACOMO
Protest type SITIN
Tree expert ARBORIST
Christmas party quaff NOG
Chicago air hub OHARE
Machine on a skating rink ZAMBONI
Event won by the horses at the ends of eight answers in this puzzle KENTUCKYDERBY
Up for debate ATISSUE
Lipton drink, informally ICETEA
Actress Driver MINNIE
Booming jet of old, briefly SST
Suffix with 25-Across ESS
Quagmire MORASS
Actor Liam NEESON
Lose luster DIM
Tall bird EMU
Thus far UPTONOW
Potters’ materials CLAYS
Saintly glow HALO
A bit amiss OFF
"When I Need You" singer LEOSAYER
Long — the law ARMOF
Cookie batch, often TRAYFUL
Snarky laugh HEH
Socrates’ H ETA
Buddhist leader DALAILAMA
Like neon INERT
New York county TIOGA
Equilibrium STASIS
Not finished UNDONE
Petty fight SPAT
Eke — existence OUTAN
Phys., e.g. SCI
Existed WAS
Sweet drink ADE
Map nos. RTES
Opal ending INE
Dol. divisions CTS
Model railroad size OGAUGE
Lupino of old Hollywood IDA
Naldi of old Hollywood NITA
"How — Want It" (#1 hit for 2Pac) DOU
"The Detour" channel TBS
French river OISE
Honey drinks MEADS
Realms AREAS
Guitarist Ted NUGENT
Table wine CLARET
Big online investing site ETRADE
Deep divide SCHISM
"La Mer," translated THESEA
President after Jimmy RONALD
Part of SPF SUN
Sibling of a nephew NIECE
Two, in Chile DOS
"That’s icky!" EWW
"— just a number" AGEIS
Bank boxes SAFES
Like the verb "lie": Abbr. IRR
Game with matchsticks NIM
Baby wolf PUP
"I Am —" (Jenner’s reality show) CAIT
Supplication PLEA
Clerical title FRA
Tincture DYE
Incus’ organ EAR
Pastoral poems ECLOGUES
Grads’ event PROM
Sheepskin boot brand UGG
"Rapa —" (1994 film) NUI
Wrench, to a Brit SPANNER
Kindle download EBOOK
ER trainees INTERNS
Moviedom’s Meyers ARI
Bronzy TAN
Some statue sites PLAZAS
Gem measures CARATS
Yield (to) SUBMIT
Home pest ANT
Rips off ROBS
Sprang forth AROSE
Congested cavity, often SINUS
Terra — (tile material) COTTA
The Beatles’ "Sexy —" SADIE
"Fame" star Cara IRENE
Choir melody HYMN
Basinger of "Batman" KIM
— -friendly ECO
— in "crossword" CAS
Yearbook bit BIO
Deep longing YEN