Premier Sunday Crossword Answers August 27th 2017

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Clue Solution
Garam — (spice mix in Indian cuisine) MASALA
Core PC component CPU
Praiseful poem title starter ODETO
Cheering yells RAHS
Off the mark ASTRAY
Some little batteries AAS
"Time waits for —" NOMAN
Dismounted from a horse ALIT
Start of a riddle WHENPEOPLEBECOME
Musical pitch TONE
Moisten again REWET
A — (like some logic) PRIORI
Like ore RAW
Set of rules CODE
San Luis —, California OBISPO
— Poke (candy brand) SLO
Singer Lovett LYLE
With 50-Down, happened to meet RAN
Laundry-day spray STARCH
Great sorrow WOE
Top-floor storeroom ATTIC
Reptile with a spiny back IGUANA
Like meat prepared per Muslim law HALAL
With 97-Across, like late payments PAST
Felt sick AILED
Plum parts PITS
Engine conduits OILLINES
Suffix with acetyl ENE
Fa follower SOL
Parking area LOT
Grizzly baby CUB
Joanne of "All the King’s Men" DRU
Male doll KEN
Rambled on and on NATTERED
Adam’s second son ABEL
Neuters SPAYS
Mars, to Greeks ARES
— time (ever) ATANY
Invalidate REVOKE
Singer Adams BRYAN
"The Greatest" fighter ALI
Beaver, e.g. RODENT
See 58-Across DUE
Kind of tide NEAP
Moo goo — pan GAI
Traps, as by a winter storm ICESIN
Diner grub HASH
In most cases: Abbr. USU
Repair, as a shoe bottom RESOLE
Longtime Toyota SUPRA
Andean ancient INCA
Den noise ROAR
Kagan of the court ELENA
Teacup part EAR
Frozen fries brand OREIDA
Long dagger DIRK
Winona of "Mermaids" RYDER
— -Caps (candy brand) SNO
Cooking oil brand WESSON
Bryn — College MAWR
Arthur of the court ASHE
Ragout, e.g. STEW
James of "Gunsmoke" ARNESS
Portable computer LAPTOP
Passing vote AYE
Island near Naples CAPRI
Politico Sarah PALIN
Make — (employ) USEOF
Nobelist Eugene ONEILL
ICU figure DOC
Atlanta university EMORY
Not too wild to domesticate TAMABLE
Counterpart of round-trip ONEWAY
Increase by degrees RATCHETUP
Detached ALOOF
Dhoti wearer HINDU
Mill metal STEEL
— -Locka, Florida OPA
Start of the old Ipana toothpaste jingle BRUSHA
Station POST
More humble LOWLIER
Mill debris SLAG
Lawn care brand ORTHO
Religion of Iran BAHAI
Counting everything INALL
Wraps, as a healing ankle TAPESUP
"It’s — of do or die" ACASE
Some are civil: Abbr. RTS
Sever CUT
Olive of the comics OYL
Kite’s trailer TAIL
See 40-Across INTO
Play’s actors CAST
Barber’s sprinkle-on TALC
Greek epic ILIAD
Singer k.d. LANG
Start of a denial IDONT
Footballer Boomer ESIASON
"ER" figure NURSE
Berlin article EIN
Allow to attack LETAT
Through the roof SKYHIGH
City east of Phoenix MESA
Without blinking — ANEYE
MacFarlane of "Ted" SETH
Bit of pasta, informally CARB
Lyft rival UBER
Flock of quail BEVY
Forays RAIDS
Boredom ENNUI
Gold-medal swimmer Amy Van — DYKEN
Beltmaking tool AWL
Rumpus ADO
Wand ROD
Genuflection joint KNEE
Big families TRIBES
Power co. UTIL
In a mockingly humorous way APISHLY
Court jester, e.g. AMUSER
In back ATREAR
Cardinal Borgia CESARE
Draws forth EDUCES
Wade Boggs’ base THIRD
Vietnam’s capital HANOI
Acting award OSCAR
Steadied by attaching a rope to GUYED
Snaky letters ESSES
"Over There" songwriter COHAN
Last Oldsmobile model ALERO
Untilled field LEA
Letters before chis PHIS
Start over on REDO
Hot — oven ASAN
Reno-to-Spokane dir. NNE
NYSE index DOW