Premier Sunday Crossword Answers December 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Will, in the Bible SHALT
Sang like a bird TWEETED
Pages, e.g. AIDES
Stone Age tool HANDAXE
Simple shack LEANTO
Pa’s ma NANA
Mega-years EON
Big record label, once MCA
Angers IRES
"Hamlet" monologue exhortation TOTHINEOWNSELFBETRUE
Singer DiFranco ANI
Skeletal bit RIB
Told fibs LIED
Fancy resort SPA
"Very sorry to hear that" MYCONDOLENCES
Skidded SLID
Penn of film SEAN
Compass pt. ENE
Divested (of) RID
Intl. cultural gp. UNESCO
Like lambs GENTLE
Voicing a question of curiosity WONDERINGALOUD
Bush barb THORN
Misery WOE
Battery size AAA
Suffix with convert IBLE
Army sites BASES
"Look ahead," to a drill instructor EYESFRONT
Wicked acts EVILS
Regarding ASTO
Downed ATE
Charged bit ION
— Lauder ESTEE
Was the right thing, but didn’t happen SHOULDHAVEBEEN
Set of seven HEPTAD
That dude’s HIS
Ad about DUI, maybe PSA
Just makes, with "out" EKES
Prune a bit SNIP
— Moines DES
"Back in Black" band ACDC
Actress Poehler AMY
Many a charity gp. NGO
Poem that’s the source of the phrase comprising the first words of 22-, 30-, 42-, 61-, 73-, 83- and 98-Across AVISITFROMSTNICHOLAS
Viral GIF, e.g. MEME
Sci-fi saucer UFO
— Party TEA
Cookie giant OREO
Alternate title of 110-Across, with "The" NIGHTBEFORECHRISTMAS
Director May ELAINE
Shady giant ELMTREE
Island ring ATOLL
Expunge DELETE
More diluted WASHIER
Body of art? TORSO
Like cut wood SAWN
Pair of drum-kit cymbals HIHAT
"A Bell for —" ADANO
Unleash on LETAT
Airport org. flagging bags TSA
Parody-filled newspaper THEONION
Gretzky of hockey WAYNE
Brian of rock ENO
School URL ender EDU
"… — a puddy tat!" TAW
Orals, e.g. EXAMS
Clear, as a windshield DEICE
Boxing great ALI
Bear’s home DEN
Bender JAG
Not suited UNFIT
Town that’s home to the University of Connecticut STORRS
Shredded TOREUP
Blitzen, e.g. REINDEER
6’6", say TALL
Brine source SEA
Solo in films HAN
Mine find ORE
Game aim WIN
It aired "ER" NBC
Hi- — (stereos) FIS
Caviar fish BELUGA
Suburb of Minneapolis EDINA
"Umami" taste source MSG
"— -haw!" YEE
Simply must keep going CANTSTOP
At variance ONTHEOUTS
Dr. Kildare player Ayres LEW
"I heard him exclaim, — he drove out of sight …" ERE
"Fine fellow" SIR
Paperboy, for one DELIVERER
Gorilla guru Fossey DIAN
Actress Leelee SOBIESKI
Pick out from others CULL
Some poems ODES
Plural of "el" LOS
Be in debt OWE
Some votes NOS
Zapping ER treatment DEFIB
Silver of statistics NATE
Neighbor of Belg. NETH
Party BASH
Netman Arthur ASHE
"Uh-huh" YEAH
Caviar base ROE
Inseparable ONE
DDE’s WWII sphere ETO
Chocoholic, e.g. ADDICT
Chinese port SHANGHAI
Oahu patio LANAI
Road, in Italy VIA
Seer’s "gift" ESP
"Fresh Air" network NPR
Dusk, to a bard EEN
Old Brit. Airways jet SST
More heartfelt SINCERER
PC file that’s shareable PDF
Fathers PAS
First-aid pro EMT
Writer Rand AYN
Nanki- — ("The Mikado" son) POO
Block up DAM
Made level EVENED
"Good as gold," e.g. SIMILE
Mötley — CRUE
"Love Story" author Erich SEGAL
"He’s a man — words" OFFEW
Dinero MOOLA
"With this ring — wed" ITHEE
Keno’s kin LOTTO
Knight’s mail ARMOR
Some pups SEALS
Norway port OSLO
Make haste HIE
Blast stuff TNT
Flying stinger BEE
Apartment divs. RMS
Archaic verb ending ETH
Dernier — CRI
Used a pew SAT