Premier Sunday Crossword Answers December 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Ones with two feet BIPEDS
Side roads ALLEYS
Forcible dismissal HEAVEHO
Huge fan ADORER
Baby’s noise GOOGOO
Like many reference books, in the back matter INDEXED
Kia steered in the wrong direction? MISGUIDEDSOUL
Given a nice smell SCENTED
Wrinkle-reducing injection BOTOX
Troop group UNIT
Chinese "way" TAO
Jai — ALAI
"— all true" ITS
Concorde, e.g., in brief SST
Toyota damaged by fire? BURNTSIENNA
Spaceship Earth locale EPCOT
Volvo rival, once SAAB
—’Pea (cartoon kid) SWEE
Caterpillar wheel part COG
Volkswagen full of Egyptian charms? SCARABBEETLE
Seed case POD
"Don’t look — that way!" ATME
Sprayed (down) HOSED
News piece ITEM
Old Turkish title BEY
Hunter in the sky ORION
Revered figure IDOL
Superhelix material DNA
Honda driven in anti-war protests? PEACEACCORD
Spanish for "tomorrow" MANANA
Collision IMPACT
Busy crawler ANT
Pro-learning gp. NEA
Dodge made with no cables? WIRELESSCHARGER
To a ship’s back AFT
Bicentennial baby, e.g. XER
Sleek fabric SATEEN
Tennis’ Edberg STEFAN
Hyundai that transports 88-key instruments? PIANOSONATA
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
Cry weakly PULE
Juan of Argentina PERON
"Help!," asea SOS
Ballerina’s garment TUTU
"… but maybe I was wrong" ORNOT
Work units, in physics ERGS
"Silent Fall" actress Tyler LIV
Ford that’s the favorite out of one’s collection? PRIMARYFOCUS
Master ACE
Small inlet COVE
Get over a hurdle LEAP
Savage BEAST
Nissan decorated with romaine? LETTUCELEAF
Drink daintily SIP
Hypothetical things IFS
Animated "explorer" DORA
With 35-Down, "Your wish is my command!" SAY
Body wrap? SKIN
Italian "love" AMORE
Chevrolet only driven in April and May? SPRINGEQUINOX
Changed genetically MUTATED
Light wind BREEZE
Of zero help USELESS
"— Song" (#1 John Denver hit) ANNIES
Like finished wood SANDED
Disney fawn BAMBI
Meathead IDIOT
Playoff time POSTSEASON
As a result ERGO
Two, to Luc DEUX
— Lanka SRI
Go-between AGENT
California wine city LODI
Disoriented LOST
Inflated head EGO
Video sharing site YOUTUBE
Sunny? SOLAR
That boy’s HIS
Crated up ENCASED
Penguin of Antarctica ADELIE
— cavae (large blood vessels) VENAE
Dying out, as of species EXTINCTION
Half a laugh HEE
Funny ODD
Garbage can DUSTBIN
With no assurance of payment ONSPEC
Blubber SOB
Checking acct. figure BAL
24-month TWOYEAR
See 106-Across NOMORE
Task list AGENDA
Attorney-to-be’s study PRELAW
Lout CAD
Picture SEE
$ dispenser ATM
Thin wedge SHIM
Opus ender CODA
Online sales ETAIL
Curve part ARC
Use a tub BATHE
Band of eight OCTET
Challenges DARES
Orzo, e.g. PASTA
Ovid’s "Lo!" ECCE
Self-turmoil ANGST
Presidential resignee NIXON
Cousins of plateaus MESAS
Exam for H.S. juniors PSAT
Causing wear EROSIVE
Writer Loos ANITA
Camera-ready proofs REPROS
Entreaty APPEAL
Hoped-for finish time TARGETDATE
Worked properly FUNCTIONED
Baseball’s Moises ALOU
Goalies guard them NETS
Calculator figs. NOS
Many works of fiction NOVELS
Wind farm spinner TURBINE
— Maria (liqueur) TIA
Sports arbiter, for short UMP
Flip — coin OFA
Tracks down LOCATES
It "corrals" a baby PLAYPEN
Sports arbiter, for short REF
"Darn tootin’" YEP
Run an exhibit for CURATE
Of musical pitch TONAL
Walk-in-the-park class EASYA
Harbingers SIGNS
Became ice FROZE
H.S. health class SEXED
— Valley, California SIMI
Midleg joint KNEE
Air about one AURA
Air about one MIEN
Aussie ratite EMU
Frat letters MUS
Mag staff EDS
Film director Howard RON
NFL passers QBS