Premier Sunday Crossword Answers November 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Emanates (from) COMES
Get — on (ace) ANA
Diner fave BLT
False show ACT
Girl coming out in society DEB
Plain to see OVERT
Its capital is Minsk BELARUS
Lion-headed monster CHIMERA
Department in eastern France COTEDOR
Munic. statute ORD
Juan’s emphatic assent SISI
1,501, to Caesar MDI
Grad’s "with honor" CUMLAUDE
Begin a PC session LOGIN
Monastery garments COWLS
French fauvist Dufy RAOUL
Favorable vote AYE
Vegas stake BET
"Ooh" or "tra" follower LALA
Actor MacLeod GAVIN
— -Z (completely) ATO
Actress Henner MARILU
Recycling holder BIN
Stimpy’s cartoon pal REN
Exclude OMIT
— Aviv TEL
Small songbird TIT
Cordon — (veal dish) BLEU
Stuck in ADDED
Ill-bred fellow CAD
"Rambo" site, in brief NAM
Tiny biting midge NOSEEUM
Sun block? PARASOL
Mel whose "4" was retired OTT
Make a face MUG
Sternward ABAFT
De-wrinkle IRON
Suffix with Motor OLA
Huge bird of legend ROC
One two, in German DREI
No, in Ayr NAE
Amer. soldiers GIS
Walk showily SASHAY
Feast on EAT
It may be stainless STEEL
Soothe EASE
Tiny charged bit ION
Oktoberfest "Oh!" ACH
Driver’s 180 UTURN
Gillis in an old sitcom DOBIE
Amaze the audience WOWEM
Sleep acronym REM
Bric-a- — BRAC
Ignited, as a match LIT
Would have, given the chance MEANTTO
Stable troughs MANGERS
Sidestepped AVERTED
Information tech mag EWEEK
What " " may mean AND
Grain staple OAT
Rainy WET
Mag workers EDS
Pee Wee whose "1" was retired REESE
Vocalist Perry COMO
Burdened excessively OVERLOADED
Make a goof ERR
Balanced condition STASIS
Simple skills ABCS
Old brand of grape soda NEHI
Stein filler ALE
Wedding-related BRIDAL
Clearheaded LUCID
Chinese philosopher Lao- — TSE
Charge with an offense ACCUSE
Munch (on) CHOMP
Area at the top of a PC window TITLEBAR
Amount the insured must first pay DEDUCTIBLE
Abrade ERODE
Less adorned BARER
Military division ARMYUNIT
More spiteful MEANER
— Tin Tin (TV dog) RIN
Queen’s onetime rock genre GLAM
Crime film genre NOIR
Inauguration Day highlight OATH
Actress Bow CLARA
How an extremist acts RADICALLY
Online user’s self-image AVATAR
Emerald, e.g. GEM
Happy as — ACLAM
"So am I" METOO
In — of (rather than) LIEU
"One" on a U.S. penny UNUM
Ice cream drinks SODAS
One with a six-year term SENATOR
Color related to emerald or pistachio MINTGREEN
Telly network, with "the" BEEB
Oomph ELAN
Indigo Girls, e.g. DUO
"So tasty!" MMM
Sluggish type SNAIL
Actress Deschanel ZOOEY
Parade walk STRUT
Soap opera, informally SUDSER
Boars, e.g. PIGS
Opera highlight ARIA
Locale of Mount Erebus ROSSISLAND
Title girl of a Poe poem ANNABELLEE
Exact copies FACSIMILES
Little laugh TEHEE
Comic actor Don AMECHE
Pipe fitter’s elbow ELL
City in west California SANMATEO
Locale of Waikiki OAHU
Flabbergast STUN
"That hurts!" YEOW
Swindling, slangily HOSING
For neither profit nor loss ATCOST
System of online newsgroups USENET
Stevedore DOCKER
"— mia!" MAMMA
Brand of fat substitute OLEAN
Prefix with cellular INTRA
Was behind the wheel DROVE
Female WWII server WAC
Needed suturing, say BLED
Frees oneself (of) RIDS
Little fella TYKE
Mandible or maxilla JAW
Honored Fr. woman STE
Female with a fleece EWE