Premier Sunday Crossword Answers November 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
"All seats sold" abbr. SRO
Wound coverer SCAB
Course outlines SYLLABI
Jessica of "The Veil" ALBA
Really revealing TELLTALE
At some future time LATERON
Appear as though SEEM
"Take Me Home Tonight" singer picks from the menu? EDDIEMONEYORDERS
Drawn-out drama SAGA
Tiny parasite MITE
Pucksters’ org. NHL
Parasite egg NIT
Big stirs ADOS
"Hot Stuff" singer takes a pleasure trip? DONNASUMMERVACATIONS
God of love AMOR
Cultural credo ETHOS
1967 Dionne Warwick hit ALFIE
Small vise CCLAMP
A Great Lake HURON
Sahara viper ASP
Vogue thing FAD
"Walk on the Wild Side" singer plays a droning instrument? LOUREEDPIPES
Get a laugh out of AMUSE
War unit ARMY
Wet blanket DRAG
Fast-running birds EMUS
Trapped like — ARAT
Choir garb ROBES
"I Walk the Line" singer trims a photo? JOHNNYCASHCROPS
Follower of Benedict? INE
Galoot APE
Art stand EASEL
Aunt, to Juan TIA
IRS hiree CPA
"It’s Too Late" singer grumbles? CAROLEKINGCRABS
Hog lover BIKER
Canadian oil company ESSO
Group of two DYAD
Slushy drink brand ICEE
"—, vidi, vici" VENI
Choir song PSALM
"Let’s Stay Together" singer checks IDs at the door? ALGREENCARDS
Day, to Juan DIA
Entirely ALL
Writer Nin ANAIS
Queen, e.g. DYNAST
Go inside ENTER
Nonviolent protest SITIN
Novelist Oz AMOS
"Them There Eyes" singer has fun at a bash? BILLIEHOLIDAYPARTIES
Just slightly ATAD
Brooklyn loc. NYC
Assoc. ORG
La — Tar Pits BREA
Rake prong TINE
"Song Sung Blue" singer telephones someone? NEILDIAMONDRINGS
Snacks on EATS
Serving to help INAIDOF
Matter of little interest NONISSUE
Crate piece SLAT
Noteworthy SALIENT
Attack like a turtle SNAP
Tisane, e.g. TEA
Cherry part STEM
Fixed up REDID
"You’re never too — learn" OLDTO
Beatified Fr. woman STE
Engine part CAM
Ballet great Alicia ALONSO
Lew Wallace novel BENHUR
Like a sneak SLY
NBAer Ming YAO
P.O. piece LTR
Was a guide LED
Sporting spots ARENAS
Of element #5 BORIC
Popular photo-sharing app, for short INSTA
Lay into ASSAIL
Make the first play LEADOFF
Petalless showy flower BEGONIA
Racked up AMASSED
Bank claim LIEN
Tall tree ELM
Designate NAME
Excited, informally AMPED
"You crack —!" MEUP
To be, in French ETRE
Fraternity letters RHOS
Wernher — Braun VON
Bugle tune TAPS
Jodie’s role in "The Silence of the Lambs" CLARICE
Sun or moon circlers CORONAS
Moves heavily LUMBERS
"Ellen" actor Gross ARYE
Something not to be missed AMUSTSEE
Fish-on-rice food SUSHI
Mr. Hyde’s other half DRJEKYLL
Kung — chicken PAO
Drs.’ gp. AMA
Corn serving EAR
Custard-filled treats ECLAIRS
Musical period that began in the 1950s ROCKERA
Tacks on APPENDS
Like Russia, once TSARIST
"Dino" star Mineo SAL
Persist, as an injury NAG
Gp. advising the president NSC
"— out!" (ballpark cry) YER
Fleet vehicle CAB
Piano part PEDAL
Alley- — (court play) OOP
What "je suis" means IAM
Abbr. after old dates BCE
Author Turgenev IVAN
Forest moon where Ewoks live ENDOR
Hindu dress SARI
Prefix with 99-Down ANTI
Installed, as carpet LAID
Gershon of "Cocktail" GINA
Sac in anatomy CYST
Wars of words DEBATES
Georgia State locale ATLANTA
Feel awful AIL
Like firstborn children ELDEST
Extroverted SOCIAL
Wear for grill masters APRONS
1930s-’50s bandleader Skinnay — ENNIS
"Laughing" carnivore HYENA
Lead-in to Kippur or tov YOM
Stork cousin IBIS
Dadaist Max ERNST
Smooth shift SEGUE
Out of port ASEA
Caesar’s 52 LII
1950s prez DDE
Little charged bit ION
Rearward AFT
Cellular stuff DNA
Fabric flaw RIP