Premier Sunday Crossword Answers October 1st 2017

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Clue Solution
Very affectionate couple LOVEBIRDS
Bee juice NECTAR
Birthplace of Galileo PISA
One-celled organism AMOEBA
Singer/actor Ed AMES
What a hot spot provides WIRELESSINTERNET
Good buds PALS
Entangle SNARE
Saving sites BANKS
Bird on bills EAGLE
Hurricane’s weaker relative TROPICALDEPRESSION
Booster for a band AMP
Pioneer Boone, to friends DANL
Destines to oblivion DOOMS
Pecan, e.g. NUT
Big name in audio compression DOLBYDIGITAL
Actor Hulce TOM
Tabby-treating docs VETS
Having no peepers EYELESS
Like stock without face value NOPAR
Do data entry, e.g. TYPE
Group with a secy.-gen. NATO
Female sibs, informally SISSIES
"Thus …" ANDSO
Abet, e.g. AID
Leader of the mutiny on the Bounty FLETCHERCHRISTIAN
Kitchen VIP CHEF
See 30-Down ARE
Years and years on end EON
Has no entity ISNT
Langston Hughes’ movement HARLEMRENAISSANCE
Off-road ride, briefly ATV
Occur as a result ENSUE
Set of documents about a case DOSSIER
Reid of "Sharknado" TARA
— May (Jed Clampett’s daughter) ELLY
Country estate VILLA
"Taxi" co-star Andy KAUFMAN
"Mama" of pop CASS
"Days of — Lives" OUR
Gotten totally quiet FALLENSILENT
Cockpit abbr. ALT
Herb bit SPRIG
Truckloads ALOT
"Zip-a-Dee-Doo- —" DAH
Across-the-board ban BLANKETPROHIBITION
One over par BOGEY
Cowboy flick OATER
Sensed feelings, informally VIBES
Thrifty rival AVIS
Cry apropos to seven long answers in this puzzle? ITSTHEENDOFANERA
Fixed a bow on, e.g. RETIED
With great enthusiasm EXCITEDLY
Units of work ERGS
Eyeliner mishaps SMEARS
Sees firsthand WITNESSES
Criminals break them LAWS
Ken of "EZ Streets" OLIN
Singer Lynn VERA
Put forth, as strength EXERT
Hay-bundling device BALER
Ending for hero INE
They might cross aves. RDS
— Plaines, Illinois DES
— Lanka SRI
Pertaining to birth NATAL
Revise, as a manuscript EMEND
Sealed, as a wine bottle CORKED
Bill equal to two fins TENSPOT
Mr. Lincoln, familiarly ABE
Squeal (on) RAT
Daddies PAPAS
Visualize IMAGINE
Smash hit SELLOUT
"Yes" votes ASSENTS
Celtics’ org. NBA
Ending for lion ESS
With 70-Across, "It’s more than likely …" ODDS
El — (Spanish newspaper) PAIS
Gerund ender ING
Place with outpatients CLINIC
Plant anchor ROOT
TV prize EMMY
Suffix with lemon ADE
Longtime New York senator Daniel Patrick — MOYNIHAN
People who say "Not guilty," say PLEADERS
Three-filling deli classic BLT
"Oh — little faith!" YEOF
Stand-up comic Daniel TOSH
Church nook APSE
Forest den LAIR
20-ouncer at Starbucks VENTI
Fun, for short REC
Faux — PAS
Riding horse STEED
Clip wool from SHEAR
Divested of weapons DISARMED
Seat of Orange County SANTAANA
Where many ads are seen ONTV
Aspirin target ACHE
Fast getaway LAM
Muff it up ERR
Harry’s chum at Hogwarts RON
Abbr. ending a co. name INC
Sooty vents FLUES
Fish that can be a shocker EEL
Autumn mo. NOV
"Likely story!" ASIF
Land in el agua ISLA
Window part SILL
Aquanaut’s habitat SEALAB
Decorative needle case ETUI
Easy run LOPE
Nomad’s tent YURT
Shoelace snarl KNOT
— Spumante ASTI
The — degree NTH
Coleslaw, essentially CABBAGE
Totally done ALLOVER
Putting on, as a show STAGING
Sharp retort RIPOSTE
Tony winner Wallach ELI
Pilot’s setting SKY
"Ars — artis" GRATIA
Birds’ pads NESTS
None-of-the-above option OTHER
Angry feeling IRE
Not quite round OVATE
Low cards in pinochle NINES
Dozing spots BEDS
— Stanley Gardner ERLE
Expresses SAYS
Auditing org. IRS
Pro — TEM
Unopened NEW
Ovid’s 511 DXI
Mo. no. 10 OCT
Five-spot FIN