Premier Sunday Crossword Answers October 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Guru’s practice YOGA
Pre- — (supplant) EMPT
Neighbor of Georgia ALABAMA
PC pic file GIF
Bedouin, e.g. ARAB
Actor Max or Max Jr. BAER
Situated at the bottom, as of the skull BASILAR
Primo pitcher ACE
Prisms, e.g. POLYHEDRA
Causing to go mad CRAZING
Drink with crumpets TEA
Region largely in southwest Poland SILESIA
Big name in shapewear SPANX
Seating tiers ROWS
Bandit-seeking band POSSE
Future tense of "is" WILLBE
Business agt. REP
"I smell —!" ARAT
Objecting to ANTI
Car-towing gp. AAA
Kind of eclipse LUNAR
Calm-inducing drug OPIATE
Stop nursing gradually WEAN
Actress Dana of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" WYNTER
Concept NOTION
Witty remark BONMOT
Covetous types ENVIERS
Act furtively SNEAK
Custodial tool MOP
University URL ending EDU
"Nana" actress Anna STEN
Bull features HORNS
Wood cutter AXE
Oscar-winning title role for Meryl Streep SOPHIE
Sandy stuff GRIT
Load to bear ONUS
Encl. to facilitate a reply SAE
— Lingus AER
Med. nation ISR
Second baseman Robinson — CANO
Phnom — PENH
Wearing old, torn clothes INRAGS
Like old, worn clothes TATTY
"Criminy!" EGAD
Winner’s hand gesture VEE
The, to Fritz DAS
Hogs’ homes STIES
Car tank insert GASPUMP
Like stars ASTRAL
Vacation destination RESORT
Takes out of a needle, as a filament UNTHREADS
Cornhusk-wrapped dish TAMALE
Year, in Italy ANNO
Sea god of Greek myth NEREUS
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
Thanksgiving side dish YAM
Not far from NEAR
1980s Chrysler line KCAR
Ga. hours EST
Big game venues ARENAS
In a strange way ODDLY
"— it my way" IDID
Hauls (away) CARTS
Changed the label of RENAMED
Millennia on end EON
Dewlap locales THROATS
Fr. holy woman STE
Picks up on NOTICES
After-bath powder TALC
Slaty color GRAY
Danson of "Ink" TED
Do as told OBEY
Locality SITE
Bark shrilly YAP
Gold, to Pedro ORO
Lassie GAL
Flock watcher in old Ethiopia? ABYSSINIANSHEPHERD
Luxury Swiss watch brand EBEL
Cleared a path (for) MADEWAY
Pugilist from Xerxes’ empire? PERSIANBOXER
Ski course TRAIL
"Scandal" network ABC
Perfect-game pitcher Don LARSEN
Superman’s evil "mirror image" BIZARRO
Flaring dress ALINE
Bit of advice from a British crown dependency native? MANXPOINTER
Neighbor of Chile: Abbr. ARG
Big name in sports drinks GATORADE
Cold zero-calorie drink ICEWATER
Ones eating lavish meals FEASTERS
Go quickly HIE
Woody of film ALLEN
Really coming down (like it’s doing in this puzzle?) RAININGCATSANDDOGS
Hocking site PAWNSHOP
Private chat ONEONONE
Not operated nationally, as a lottery STATERUN
Volleyball player on Prime Minister U Nu’s team? BURMESESETTER
Barley bristle AWN
Misbehave ACTUP
Cover with concrete PAVE
Overdrink TOPE
Says no to RESISTS
Says yes to OKS
Bouquet ODOR
The folks MAANDPA
Research facility on Mount Everest? HIMALAYANLAB
Doled (out) RATIONED
Not outer INTERNAL
Film with Buzz Lightyear TOYSTORY
Traditional grub of Bangkok? SIAMESECHOW
Gets old AGES
Salt’s "Stop!" AVAST
Hard, yellow cheese EDAM
Mao — -tung TSE
Sage mentor GURU
Most crud-filled GUNKIEST
Entertaining brief tale ANECDOTE
Exerted great effort STRAINED
Less typical RARER
Sleep-stage acronym REM
Michigan city DETROIT
Mississippi River explorer LASALLE
Go quickly HASTEN
Artist Andrea del — SARTO
"Swell!" NEATO
Not ‘neath OER
Mexican nosh TACO
Gray of RandB MACY
Blasting aid TNT
Cairo-to-Nairobi dir. SSE
Mentalist Geller URI
— "King" Cole NAT
Henna, e.g. DYE