Premier Sunday Crossword Answers October 29th 2017

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Clue Solution
Latin "to be" ESSE
Specifics DETAILS
Comic Johnson ARTE
Dol. fractions CTS
"Tell Mama" singer James ETTA
The Christian gospel, old-style EVANGEL
Author Roald DAHL
Noted coach Parseghian ARA
Having the tidy quality that spotted horses are known for? NEATASAPINTO
Per — (daily) DIEM
Outs, in court ALIBIS
Car engine MOTOR
Sprint rival TMOBILE
Coeur d’—, Idaho ALENE
Berlin’s land: Abbr. GER
Meeting to generate enthusiasm for a tummy-soothing product? PEPTORALLY
School org. PTA
And so on: Abbr. ETAL
Allays EASES
Diva Melba NELLIE
Sentry in front of a Japanese shrine? SHINTOGUARD
Cartoon cry EEK
Swarm MASS
Fictional Jane EYRE
Kid gloves TACT
Serum vials AMPULES
Muse who lifts poets’ spirits? ERATOOFGOODFEELING
Actress Zadora PIA
Bristol brews ALES
Sleekly designed AERO
Canada’s Nova — SCOTIA
Tree remnant STUMP
Bird feed bit SEED
Cork, e.g. PLUG
Intermediary AGENT
Knee injury SCRAPE
Fit nicely MESH
Certain part of speech NOUN
Pal of Curly MOE
Comment after someone describes how state-run gambling games work? THATEXPLAINSALOTTO
Pasta dish LASAGNA
Three wise men MAGI
Had being WERE
Decade, e.g. SPAN
Maya of architecture LIN
Middle of a right-hand book page? RECTOCENTER
Up-front HONEST
Intended (to) AIMED
Fossil fuel COAL
Org. archiving movies AFI
"Serpico" star using his high singing voice? ALTOPACINO
Really into BIGON
Tiny baby NEONATE
Human trunk TORSO
Prison warden, to Brits GAOLER
French pal AMI
Window ledge SILL
Epic poem division about night crawlers? CANTOOFWORMS
Writer Anaïs NIN
Yard pest MOLE
Even a tiny bit ONEIOTA
Schnitzel meat VEAL
Flying expert ACE
Skiing stuff SNOW
Electrician WIREMAN
This, to José ESTO
Poetic dusk EEN
Reason to use a room freshener STALEAIR
Not dine out EATIN
Lucy’s man DESI
Longoria and Mendes EVAS
Spigot TAP
Asian cartoon style ANIME
One giving the cold shoulder IGNORER
Riga dweller LETT
Yachts’ kin SLOOPS
Tack on ADD
Bonnie of blues rock RAITT
"I’m a Believer" pop group THEMONKEES
"Cuba Libre" novelist — Leonard ELMORE
Wife of Prince Charles CAMILLA
Vine-growing frame TRELLIS
Part of a forlorn face SADEYES
As red as — ABEET
Soul singer Des’— REE
Ointment BALM
Basilica area APSE
Simple sugar GLUCOSE
False: Prefix PSEUD
Add up TOTAL
Striped gems AGATES
Old saying ADAGE
Born, to Luc NEE
From — Z ATO
Pixieish type ELF
Transforms gradually MORPHS
Betting group POOL
Trig ratio SECANT
Descend a rock face, in a way RAPPEL
Appear gradually, as on film FADEIN
Firewood bit LOG
Newsy bit ITEM
Spanish boy NINO
Portal GATE
"Hey, you!" PSST
Have a yen ITCH
Halo effect AURA
Gym surface MAT
‘Zine online EMAG
Open, as a 61-Down UNLATCH
Infant’s noise GOOGOO
High praise EXALTATION
Web, to a fly SNARE
Upstate New York city UTICA
Chi follower PSI
Island patio LANAI
"Mad Men" network AMC
Have OWN
Bric-a-brac stands ETAGERES
Configure anew REFORMAT
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Doo-wop group at Woodstock SHANANA
Strong verbal attack POLEMIC
"Training Day" director Fuqua ANTOINE
A noble gas NEON
Player of Lou Grant EDASNER
Funny bone’s location ELBOW
Cramps, e.g. SPASMS
Accrued qty. INT
Bovine, to a tot MOOCOW
Viola relative CELLO
Comic Fields TOTIE
"Amo," in English ILOVE
Rajah’s mate RANI
"I — Name" (1973 hit) GOTA
Picasso’s "Lady With —" AFAN
Actor Ayres LEW
— -pah band OOM
— -Blo (fuse brand) SLO