Premier Sunday Crossword Answers September 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
High-fiber cereal ingredient OATBRAN
Thwacked SMACKED
Something imperative AMUST
Many a quaint cabin LOGHOME
"The Gypsy" singer Shore DINAH
Tree anchors growing in a groundwork? [Asimov-Haley] FOUNDATIONROOTS
Split in two HALVE
Lyric poems ODES
— chi TAI
Dirtier, as a chimney SOOTIER
Headland CAPE
Awful review PAN
Actress De Mornay after marrying "Star Trek" ensign Harry? [du Maurier-Kipling] REBECCAKIM
Egg-shaped instrument OCARINA
Defeat in cleverness OUTSMART
Lays (down) SETS
Dear granny? [Morrison-Zola] BELOVEDNANA
Indulges fully SATES
Belle of a ball DEB
Butler’s girl OHARA
Knight’s tunic TABARD
Livy’s "to be" ESSE
Geller of the paranormal URI
Small, thin part of a beach hill? [Herbert-Levin] DUNESLIVER
Government financial assistance THEDOLE
— News (Utah paper) DESERET
Elliptical OVATE
Laughter syllables HAS
Scott Joplin’s "The Entertainer," for the film "The Sting"? [Doctorow-Rand] RAGTIMEANTHEM
Long of film NIA
Boise locale IDAHO
Related compounds ISOMERS
Wielded, as power EXERTED
Distress after a really deep sleep? [Cook-King] COMAMISERY
Eminent lead-in PRE
Gives help to AIDS
Neighbor of Norway SWEDEN
Biblical queendom SHEBA
Woolen cap TAM
Nash of funny poems OGDEN
President Grant is gabby? [Joyce-Benchley] ULYSSESJAWS
Blood type, informally ONEG
Physician who may cry "Stat!" ERDOCTOR
Hall of talk TV ARSENIO
Have a phobia of queasiness? [Hubbard-Sartre] FEARNAUSEA
"i" finisher DOT
Dog ID sites TAGS
Pistol, e.g. FIREARM
Sarge, e.g. NCO
Lacerations RIPS
Tough guy’s claim IMBAD
Abducted old Japanese chief? [Stevenson-Clavell] KIDNAPPEDSHOGUN
Give rise to CAUSE
Brainless IDIOTIC
Treat as a hero LIONIZE
Finisher ENDER
Moves very quietly TIPTOES
Tallinn’s land ESTONIA
Clumsy type OAF
Of yore AGO
Mr. Capote, briefly TRU
Singer Folds BEN
Total change REDO
Very little ATAD
Memo tablet NOTEPAD
— -mo SLO
— Blanc (Alps peak) MONT
Home to Taj Mahal AGRA
Groups in church robes CHOIRS
"Kitchy —!" KOO
Lifesaving pro EMT
Pie, e.g. DESSERT
Not standing, as a committee ADHOC
Sporty two-seaters MIATAS
Not typical of UNLIKE
"Don’t waste your breath!" SAVEIT
Heat units THERMS
"Life — cabaret" ISA
Eight-player bands OCTETS
Kernel holder COB
Strikeout star ACE
Good friend PAL
Ate away at ERODED
Actor Beery NOAH
Printers’ widths EMS
Ewe’s cry BAA
"So — heard" IVE
Space cloud NEBULA
One, to Juanita UNA
Road coater TAR
"— do not!" NOI
Dancer in Matthew SALOME
"Be — and help me" ADEAR
1972 Jack Lemmon film AVANTI
Made tighter, as a knot RETIED
Horrors DREADS
Moral code ETHICS
Eye makeup SHADOW
Bagel variety SESAME
Former TV host Philbin REGIS
Some vases URNS
Mesh NET
Thin air ETHER
Start of a cry from Juliet OROMEO
Gucci alternative DIOR
Awards for Tina Fey EMMYS
Recognize SEE
Philosopher Lao- — TSE
Phillips — Academy EXETER
Harbored HAD
Kind of plane engine RAMJET
Engaged, as a car engine INGEAR
Ballet step PAS
Lean-to’s kin HUT
Roy Wood’s rock gp. ELO
51-year senator Robert BYRD
Equine beast ASS
It includes a snare DRUMKIT
Mag. team EDS
— Valley, San Francisco NOE
Lazed about SATIDLE
Comic Gasteyer ANA
Faux hair WIG
Maritime "Mayday!" SOS
Business workplace OFFICE
— Marcus (retailer) NEIMAN
Accessory for an iPod EARBUD
Oily matter GREASE
Am unable to CANNOT
Reformer Ralph NADER
Native metal ORE
"The Elder" of Rome CATO
Andy Taylor’s tyke OPIE
Greek letters PSIS
Quick drink SHOT
Africa’s Amin IDI
Quick swim DIP
HP products PCS
Artist Yoko ONO
Gimlet liquor GIN
Arm of Israel UZI
Tchr.’s org. NEA