Premier Sunday Crossword Answers September 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Persistent dull pain ACHE
Bohr studied them ATOMS
Really toil SLAVE
Mule or flat SHOE
Stubble spot CHIN
Thieving sort CROOK
Evita of "Evita" PERON
Bigwig’s benefit PERK
Units of absorbed dose RADS
Ending theme for Roy Rogers’ show HAPPYTRAILS
Mata — (famous spy) HARI
Ultimately occupy ENDUPIN
Fencing implements EPEES
Added to the database KEYEDIN
Unsaturated solid alcohols STEROLS
"Cybill" actress Pfeiffer DEDEE
Dozing audibly SNORING
Sam of "Sirens" NEILL
Kind of PC terminal CRT
Stephen of "Roadkill" REA
Conscious AWARE
Summertime drink ADE
Whale herd GAM
Most uncanny EERIEST
Expand WIDEN
Ancient region in Asia Minor GALATIA
Perfume SCENT
Forest clearing, e.g. OPENSPACE
Under oath SWORN
Smell — (be leery) ARAT
Rub away ERASE
Kitchen appliance producer AMANA
Piled up debt OWED
Fix as a cobbler might RESOLE
Old-time actor/singer Paul ROBESON
Tea brand SALADA
French water EAU
Tim Tebow’s 2007 award HEISMANTROPHY
Turn sour ROT
Sunlit courts ATRIA
Noblewomen PEERESSES
Provide (with) ENDUE
Really must NEEDSTO
Picks up and hauls in ARRESTS
Herring’s kin SARDINE
Solitary sort RECLUSE
Navy inits. USS
Actor Ed ASNER
"… lion, out like —" ALAMB
Parked it SAT
Famous NOTED
Parts of dols. CTS
NBC show since ’75 SNL
Company maxim MOTTO
Churchill Downs, e.g. HORSETRACK
Forming a single entity UNITARY
Troublesome critter VARMINT
Pig’s sound SNORT
Person flying the coop ESCAPEE
Plaits of hair TRESSES
Present perfect, e.g. TENSE
Fishers using nets SEINERS
Plot units ACRES
Monastery song CHANT
"X marks the spot" stash HIDDENTREASURE
Guarantee ENSURE
"Iliad" hero ACHILLES
Bilingual person, at times TRANSLATOR
Alley- — (hoops play) OOP
Bike with a small engine MOPED
Big name in voice chat SKYPE
Lively outing SPREE
Sublet, say LEASE
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Beetle producer VOLKSWAGEN
Port in Lower California ENSENADA
Marble, e.g. SPHERE
Going in the direction of HEADINGTOWARDS
Hatch on the Senate floor ORRIN
Struggling to earn, with "out" EKING
"Life" director Demme TED
French fashion designer Paul POIRET
Rustic types YOKELS
The "C" of C-section CESAREAN
Enact again RECREATE
"Super!" AWESOME
Place to order a Chianti, say WINEBAR
They may be classified ADS
Buffets, e.g. REPASTS
Inflames with love ENAMORS
Supplied with ventilation AIREDOUT
Official charges MANDATES
Turned on by INTO
Missing, militarily AWOL
Analyze in grammar school PARSE
Birchbark craft CANOE
Extra-wide, as footwear goes EEE
Gray color ASH
City in Tibet LHASA
Ethyl or propyl ending ENE
— Rock (central Australian landmark) AYERS
Nano and others IPODS
Sacred hymn PSALM
Driver’s lic. and such IDS
Maiden-named NEE
Nonsense song syllable TRA
Back stroke? RUB
Cuzco native INCA
Buyer’s bottom line NETCOST
Author Caldwell ERSKINE
Thin slices of bacon RASHERS
The U.S., to Mexicans ELNORTE
Phone up CALL
Not injured UNHURT
Oklahoman, informally SOONER
Try very hard STRIVE
Gnu or okapi marking STRIPE
Expiating person ATONER
Calorific cakes TORTES
Eleanor of kid-lit ESTES
College officials DEANS
French kin of "danke" MERCI
TV financial adviser Suze ORMAN
Not made up TRUE
Deli loaves RYES
Fashion’s Saint Laurent YVES
Stun, as with a police gun TASE
Silent film star Chaney LON