Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ipso — FACTO
Left over SPARE
Hawke of film ETHAN
Pale brown BEIGE
Lascivious desire LUST
Office bigwig BOSS
Sink problem DRIP
Whole range ATOZ
Bird of myth ROC
Drake, for one FRANCIS
Love affair AMOUR
Elk’s cousin MOOSE
Became wild WENTAPE
Formerly named NEE
Barracks sights COTS
Ignored the limit SPED
Football play start SNAP
Crazy about INTO
2006 Olympics site TURIN
Top grade APLUS
Partners of radii ULNAE
Light wood BALSA
Small porch STOOP
Winter mo. FEB
Put away ATE
Dish with beans CHILICONCARNE
Return to base TAGUP
Binary digits ONES
Match part SET
Done without charge PROBONO
Dish with rice ARROZCONPOLLO
Noted seamstress ROSS
Winged archer EROS
Gooey stuff TAR
Gunfight order DRAW
Colosseum setting ROME
Unexciting TAME
Greek group FRAT
"Got it" ISEE
Plant starter SEED
Omega preceder PSI
March honoree, for short STPAT
Ticket souvenir STUB
Empty NULL
Collars NABS
Composer Rorem NED
GI-entertaining org. USO
Dupe SAP