Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Ivanhoe" author SCOTT
Pancake order STACK
Debussy work LAMER
Hammerin’ Hank AARON
Papas of "Z" IRENE
First-rate PRIMO
Ready to go SET
Application USE
Depot purchases TICKETS
Lobster trap POT
Some synthetics RAYONS
Street borders CURBS
Freshman’s cap BEANIE
102, in old Rome CII
Break off END
That girl HER
Nautilus shape SPIRAL
Came to AWOKE
Bring together UNITE
Singing voice, in slang PIPES
Polite refusal NOSIR
Play place STAGE
Patellae places KNEES
Opera legend CARUSO
Brunch dish OMELET
Addition column TENS
Woodpecker’s target TREETRUNK
Easy victim SAP
Sticky stuff TAR
Astronomical sightings COMETS
Shoelace problems KNOTS
Personal logs DIARIES
Sci-fi genre CYBERPUNK
Ring wins KOS
Give the ax CAN
Erred big-time BLEWIT
Moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Deep red CERISE
How some games end INATIE
Lazy ones IDLERS
Cowboy wear CHAPS
A party to INON
Gunpowder holder KEG
Jargon ending ESE