Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Small porch STOOP
Presents GIFTS
San Diego player PADRE
Flynn of films ERROL
Bowl game setting ARENA
Model Campbell NAOMI
Land unit ACRE
Jewel GEM
Not busy IDLE
Indian lutes SITARS
Cold forecast TEENS
Winter quaff COCOA
December mall workers SANTAS
Bloke CHAP
Sporty shoes SNEAKERS
Marshy area BOG
Sandwich shop DELI
Scarlett’s last name OHARA
Uses one’s incisors GNAWS
Christmas tree topper ANGEL
Concur AGREE
Highways ROADS
Baltimore suburb ESSEX
Relaxing retreat SPA
Road goo TAR
Lyric poem ODE
They’re hung at Christmastime ORNAMENTS
"— on Earth" PEACE
Kind of engineering or code GENETIC
Writer Levin IRA
Marsh hopper FROG
Big book TOME
Narrow SLIM
Hosp. workers RNS
Peach parts PITS
Notion IDEA
Secluded valley GLEN
They’re hung at Christmastime STOCKINGS
Dull pain ACHE
Lion sound ROAR
Easy targets SAPS
Beach footwear SANDALS
View SEE
Pond growth ALGAE
Sow’s mate BOAR
"Dear me!" OHNO
Music’s Lady — GAGA
Wreath bow color RED
Horace’s "— Poetica" ARS
Petite WEE
Kinsey subject SEX