Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Natural gift TALENT
Stratford river AVON
Magic medicine ELIXIR
Farm sight SILO
One enjoying the slopes ALPINESKIER
Looks for SEEKS
D.C. team, familiarly NATS
Suffers AILS
Precious stones GEMS
Phone download APP
Pool stick CUE
West of films MAE
Fragrant wood BALSAM
Bell sound DING
Lusty look LEER
Filming sites SETS
Heart outlet AORTA
One enjoying the slopes SNOWBOARDER
Wife of Zeus HERA
Baltimore player ORIOLE
Nervous EDGY
Start a round TEEOFF
Brewed beverage TEA
Completely ALL
Sassy talk LIP
Is real EXISTS
Low cards in pinochle NINES
Holder of ornaments TREE
Invites to enter ASKSIN
Clock numeral VII
Bullring cheer OLE
Negative link NOR
Enjoy the rink SKATE
Neighbor of Tibet NEPAL
Sufficient AMPLE
Put a cap on LIMIT
Reads over SCANS
Talker’s "gift" GAB
Add up SUM
Beer dispenser KEG
Chocolate imitation CAROB
Ocean lane SEAWAY
Sweetheart DEARIE
Intent look STARE
Plant part ROOT
That woman SHE
Composer Rorem NED
Kin of assn. ORG
"Da — Ron Ron" DOO
North Pole worker ELF
Game caller REF