Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 23rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Cobbler’s tools AWLS
Christmas song CAROL
Lack of order CHAOS
"Amahl and the Night Visitors," e.g. OPERA
Parson’s house MANSE
Series-ending abbr. ETC
Guest’s bed COT
Fall mo. OCT
Afternoon break SIESTA
Christmas baked treat FRUITCAKE
Wanderer NOMAD
Christmas baked treat PANNETONE
Tyne of TV DALY
Historical records ANNALS
Curved path ARC
Ga. neighbor FLA
Lawn coating DEW
"A Visit from St. Nicholas" poet MOORE
Tag number PRICE
Christmas helpers ELVES
Christmas Eve traveler SANTA
Future flowers SEEDS
Sunset site WEST
High points ACMES
Speculative question WHATIF
Cavalry soldier LANCER
Urgent call SOS
Winter wear COAT
Gifted APT
Do over, as travel plans REBOOK
Source of wisdom ORACLE
Espresso order LATTE
Winter breakfast OATMEAL
Free of clouds SUNNY
Dangerous gas RADON
Brief rests CATNAPS
Con quest? PAROLE
Writer Gordimer NADINE
Votes in ELECTS
Titled women DAMES
Worry excessively SWEAT
Parker of "Daniel Boone" FESS
Candy cane stripe color RED
Bitterly cold RAW