Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Disappear VANISH
Base meal MESS
Right away ATONCE
Loads ALOT
Tadpoles, e.g. LARVAS
Animated fish NEMO
Animated hunter ELMER
Add zest to LIVEN
Bender TEAR
Deceptive front FACADE
Rough guess STAB
Gooey stuff TAR
Dude’s address BRO
Llama’s land PERU
Cavalry weapons LANCES
Legal paper WRIT
Some singers ALTOS
First Lady before Michelle LAURA
Narrow SLIM
"The Naked and the Dead" author MAILER
Appropriate TAKE
Focused INTENT
Loretta of "M*A*S*H" SWIT
Speakers’ stands DAISES
Man’s man VALET
"— of Two Cities" ATALE
Bellini opera NORMA
Reciprocal INVERSE
Wound reminder SCAR
"— a Rebel" HES
Wildly active MANIC
Eventually SOMEDAY
Pothead STONER
Repair bill line LABOR
Loses color FADES
Uses a keyboard TYPES
Unwritten regulations ORALLAW
Heyerdahl’s craft KONTIKI
Iraqi’s neighbor KUWAITI
Wild parties BLASTS
Space sighting COMET
Regulations RULES
Papas of "Z" IRENE
Bakery buys TARTS
Turner of film LANA
Central MID