Universal Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Odds’ partner ENDS
Smell bad REEK
Prefix with "circle" SEMI
Judicial assembly TRIBUNAL
Tried to find SOUGHT
Knight’s weapon LANCE
Intense feeling of love ARDOR
Thing lifted at a wedding VEIL
Caribbean taro EDDO
Readies a pool cue CHALKS
Collected sayings of Christ LOGIA
Pre-punctual? EARLY
Becomes tattered at the edges FRAYS
Waste not USE
Event with clowns RODEO
"Ali ___ and the 40 Thieves" BABA
Kind of surgeon ORAL
River for baby Moses NILE
Hats, slangily LIDS
Joan of ___ ARC
Elementary lessons ABCS
Doctor’s due FEE
Mountain valley GLEN
"House" attachment PENT
Pretentiously showy ARTY
"Paint Your Wagon" song VIP ELISA
Bake in the sun TAN
Driver’s cloverleaf OVERPASS
Bad-mouth DEFAME
Like wasp nest material PAPERY
Rest horizontally LIE
Adders with beads ABACI
Periods of calm weather LULLS
Butcher shop waste OFFAL
Sea bubbles SPUME
Ocean movements TIDES
Be a bounder LEAP
Hodgepodge OLIO
0-shaped OVAL
Like a noted ranger LONE
Had creditors OWED
Earlier, earlier ERST
"___ to the Grind" SLAVE
Sheet music sign CLEF
"… ___ the twain shall …" NEER
Toiled in a galley OARED
White frost HOAR
"Half" prefix DEMI
Annulled or erased UNDID
Former capital of India AGRA
Four things with water SKIBUGCOLORLILY
Theater employee USHER
Approves OKAYS
Easter headgear BONNET
Pubmates LADS
Operatic solo ARIA
Like a house ___ AFIRE
Student’s stat GPA
Three things with water BALLETBEDCOOLER
"Cakes and ___" ALE
Shoestrings LACES
Duct register VENT
Loud, prolonged noises DINS
More than enough PLENTY
Natural emollients ALOES
Flight segment STAIR
Three things with water BUFFALOPIPEPOLO
"Bravo" preceder (var.) ALFA
Escape capture ELUDE
Admit honestly AVOW
Paradigm of happiness CLAM
One preparing to shoot AIMER
Compos mentis SANE
Speck on a globe ISLE
Verse in days of old POESY
Klondike vehicle SLED