Universal Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
The many at a yard sale TAGS
Reign RULE
De-wrinkle IRON
Balanced reading materials? PASSBOOKS
Start of advice, often TRY
Bro or dude kin HOMIE
Spirited self-assurance ELAN
Mathematical procedure ALGORITHM
Cutting tool (var.) ADZ
Pastor’s flock LAITY
Tall flightless bird RHEA
Costume part MASK
Clothing line SEAM
Unknown, briefly ANON
Carpenter’s groove DADO
Halfhearted guess STAB
Striped cat TABBY
"Mentioned" prefix AFORE
Zagreb native CROAT
Church part ALTAR
Traveling types HOBOS
Ocean landmass ISLET
Tournament favorites SEEDS
Number of occurrences in a time period OFTENNESS
Thin page material RICEPAPER
Cast off, as skin SHED
Olympic sword EPEE
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Freud contemporary ADLER
Twisted cotton thread LISLE
Singer Levine ADAM
Wary (var.) CAGY
Dublin’s country, to some EIRE
Silly sort TWIT
Machu Picchu’s place PERU
Large containers URNS
"Hey, there!" quietly PSST
Affirmative YES
"___ Goes the Weasel" POP
Junket TRIP
Ellington’s "Take ___ Train" THEA
Word with "fire" ALARM
Migraine preceder AURA
Breadstick alternative ROLL
Russian villa DACHA
Some shiny monthly issues GLOSSYMAGAZINES
Word with "common" SENSE
Party to INON
Ship wood TEAK
Offered, as farewell BADE
Promising ROSY
City in Washington TACOMA
Isn’t wrong? AINT
Male pronoun HIS
Roundish hairstyle AFRO
Simpleton DOLT
Ascended AROSE
Numbers and Acts, for two BOOKSOFTHEBIBLE
Overly bold BRASH
Pound down TAMP
Like some dorms COED
Despite that YET
Fancy pitcher EWER
Discharges from the body EGESTS
Arabian Sea gulf ADEN
Every fourth year LEAP
Served smashingly ACED
Negative vote ANTI
Enjoy and how LAPUP
Boston Globe and Baltimore Sun, for two DAILYNEWSPAPERS
Be of the same mind AGREE
Farm cylinder SILO
"North" and "south" suffixes ERNS
Austin Powers’ portrayer MYERS
Start of a walk STEP
Oxidization RUST