Universal Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Exile island for Napoleon ELBA
King of Shakespeare LEAR
Sites LOCI
Squid’s squirts INKS
Wise mentors SAGES
"Many years ___ …" AGO
Vineyard of France CRU
Loire River city NANTES
Watery swirl EDDY
More on the mark TRUER
Low-voiced singer BASSO
Slobs’ homes STIES
International agreements PACTS
Chromosome molecule RNA
Car ad abbr. MPG
Defeat soundly ROUT
Causing deep cuts GASHING
Off in the distance AFAR
Dramatically reduce PARE
Barge relative SCOW
Sewing case ETUI
Mexican munchie TACO
Hotel relative INN
Gambler’s concern ODDS
Abbr. on some remotes VOL
Persia, once IRAN
Poker pay-in ANTE
Souvenir garments TEES
Transgresses ERRS
Taro root EDDO
Bawling out EARFUL
Elevator passage SHAFT
Shout of great joy WAHOO
"You ___ kidding!" ARENT
Barter TRADE
Screened from view HID
SSW opposite NNE
Favorable answers YESES
Ages upon ages EONS
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Baptism or bris, e.g. RITE
Bunched in with AMID
Part of a telescope LENS
Wordy tribute ODE
Actor Beatty NED
Noted New York island ELLIS
Pimples ACNE
Recipe abbr. TBSP
Helmsley of hotels LEONA
Alumni GRAD
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
It sets the mood on shows BACKGROUNDMUSIC
Not in bed ARISEN
Do characteristic work? TYPESET
Army rank, informally SARGE
A dozen dozen GROSS
Area under a concha APSE
Drying oven OAST
Creating dissension FACTIOUS
Work a joystick AVIATE
90 degrees in the neighborhood? AROUNDTHECORNER
Certain commandment violator IDOLATER
Dispatch SEND
Sweet ending? NESS
Mower’s path SWATH
Ecstasy’s counterpart AGONY
Foxhound kin HARRIER
Type of network NEURAL
Vastly innovative AHEADOFONESTIME
Displaying affection FOND
In the raw NUDE
Kind of kitchen EATIN
Large shopping bag TOTE
Wheelless vehicle SLED
Loses, as fur SHEDS