Universal Crossword Answers December 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Collecting bird MAGPIE
Display, as carpeting UNROLL
"A Streetcar Named Desire" lady STELLA
Brown, fuzzy fruit KIWI
Take a soak BATHE
Atlantic and Pacific OCEANS
Guttural break-in AHEM
Subscription extensions RENEWALS
Grand tale EPIC
’60s fad light LAVALAMP
Screenwriter’s layout SCENARIO
Always, to the Bard EER
"Hasta la vista" ADIOS
Remove wool SHEAR
Drummer’s asset RHYTHM
Presidential rejection VETO
Sondheim’s "Sweeney ___" TODD
Hair clumps TUFTS
Friendly race FUNRUN
Arabian Peninsula country OMAN
Lady’s title DAME
Make bitter ACERBATE
Biggest part of air NITROGEN
Liver delicacy FOIEGRAS
Crosswise, on deck ABEAM
"Iliad" king PRIAM
Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego MRHYDE
OK to eat EDIBLE
Being bossy? MOOING
Blabbermouths YENTAS
Haciendas CASAS
"Do not open ’til ___" XMAS
Ice cream holder CONE
Apostle to the gentiles PAUL
Navigator’s aid MAP
Cologne scent MUSK
Big swine BOAR
"What ___ can I get ya?" ELSE
Prefix with "social" ANTI
Throbbing pain ACHE
Rapidly, poetically APACE
Got bigger GREW
High-schooler, e.g. TEEN
Jackknife maker DIVER
U.S. citizen with foreign ancestors POLISHAMERICAN
"Advised" attachment ILL
Female turkey HEN
You-know-___ WHO
British washroom LAV
Make happy ELATE
Doesn’t leave STAYS
"___ you ready?" ARE
Clumsy one OAF
Extreme abbr. ULT
Fail to list OMIT
Treatment for shoulder flakes DANDRUFFSHAMPOO
Battery fluid ACID
Forget-me-___ NOT
Advanced deg. MBA
NYC opera house MET
Spectrum revealer PRISM
Opponent ENEMY
Mess up ERR
Paris street RUE
Former Sony rival RCA
"Meet John ___" DOE
Winner of a fancy belt BOXINGCHAMPION
Volcanic material MAGMA
Orbison and Lichtenstein ROYS
"Isn’t that ___ much?" ABIT
Varsity’s starting squad ATEAM
Time ___ half ANDA
Forearm bone ULNA
Office worker’s supply PENS
Gets the point SEES
Chair supports LEGS