Universal Crossword Answers December 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Paid spots ADS
Minuscule WEE
Mandela’s party (Abbr.) ANC
Princess in a Wagner opera ISOLDE
Core belief TENET
Horn material BRASS
Spock feature EAR
Eyelid irritation STYE
It marches on TIME
Heads skyward SOARS
Comprehend TAKEIN
World Heritage Site org. UNESCO
Dull photo finishes MATTES
Casino cube DIE
Most ready to be picked RIPEST
Radish part ROOT
Cry of pain OUCH
Italian wine region ASTI
Golfer’s obstacle TREE
Dubbed ones SIRS
Old Rome’s 401 CDI
Take a good look OGLE
Prefix with "marketing" TELE
All-you-can-___ EAT
Monkey variety RHESUS
Manhattan, for one ISLE
Some hardwoods OAKS
Eliot of the FBI NESS
Tipped one’s topper DOFFED
Do as requested OBLIGE
First name on a one-spot GEORGE
Complete ENTIRE
Welcoming word ENTER
Fire residue ASHES
Feminine pronoun SHE
Angry fits HUFFS
Cannes film CINE
Winds up ENDS
Famous boy king TUT
Type of socket EYE
Was in front LED
Like some wines DRY
Bide one’s time AWAIT
Outperforms BESTS
Rum ___ Tugger TUM
Compact and tight together DENSE
Proportion RATIO
Literary collection ANA
Nose-pleasing neckwear LEIS
Most creepy EERIEST
Car buyer’s task ROADTEST
Paprika or cumin SPICE
River in "houseboy"? OUSE
Space creatures ETS
Baseball’s Slaughter ENOS
Calendar’s 10, briefly OCT
Like grandchildren THIRDGENERATION
Best for sledding HILLIEST
Oil can letters SAE
Old Venetian leader DOGE
Shoe width EEE
Buglers in the forest ELKS
Too fed up? OBESE
Trait of a daredevil RASHNESS
Walk emphatically FLOUNCE
Close tightly SHUT
Like leaders of industry FIRSTINTHEFIELD
Cadbury treat EGG
Provide, as with a quality ENDUE
Medium-sized chicken FRYER
Ruby of films DEE
Takes a break RESTS
Unseemly SEEDY