Universal Crossword Answers December 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Is dating SEES
Nordland resident LAPP
"Heat of the Moment" group ASIA
City near the Red Sea coast MECCA
Wheel covering HUBCAP
City in northern India AGRA
Applaud CLAP
Model airplane sets KITS
Downhill ski race SLALOM
Helping one AIDER
Troublemaking bigmouths BLUSTERERS
Metal finish? ELL
Collecting Soc. Sec. RET
Run off to wed ELOPE
Reversal of a sort UTURN
Tennis legend Chris and namesakes EVERTS
Playground diversion for two SEESAW
Wine server CARAFE
Lagoon rings ATOLLS
Disconnecting two objects DECOUPLING
Gets an eyeful OGLES
Craftsman tools seller SEARS
Person from 4-Down SAUDI
Hawaiian inst. UKE
Even if, in poems THO
Greek alphabet member THETA
Wrist bones CARPI
What the Seven Dwarfs were MINERS
Cream-filled pastry ECLAIR
Capital of India? RUPEE
Shocking game result UPSET
Highway exit RAMP
Canal of song ERIE
Transfer the title of CEDE
Veer sharply (var.) SLUE
Convenient pencil perches EARS
Parking place SPOT
Spasm TIC
Geneticists’ chain letters? RNA
Close with some bite SLAM
Hard basketball foul HACK
Heavy military sword SABER
Comfort EASE
Citrus hybrid UGLI
De Gaulle’s birthplace LILLE
Impressive in scope EPIC
Spoiled child BRAT
Grown-up ADULT
They splash in the ocean SPACECAPSULES
Pie ___ mode ALA
Rich cakes TORTES
Scoundrel CAD
Only U.S. marsupial OPOSSUM
Adam’s mate EVE
Enjoyed immensely ATEUP
Hiker’s stuff GEAR
Christmas item TREE
Powerful propellers ROCKETLAUNCHERS
Stuff in many cosmetics ALOE
Animal group HERD
Major artery AORTA
Winter ailment FLU
More trashed MESSIER
Storm heading, sometimes SSW
Liveliness of spirit ESPRIT
Brain of a computer CPU
Yearly astronomical events LUNARECLIPSES
Worthless nonsense TRIPE
Carpet measurement AREA
Hard hockey shot SLAP
Word with "ear" INNER
Skirt past the knee MIDI
Foreign currency EURO
Zoo security? CAGES
Anyone like you PEER
Kind of tube or pattern TEST