Universal Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Erupt SPEW
Gilpin of "Frasier" PERI
"Like, yeah sure" ASIF
Most precipitous STEEPEST
Polished SHINED
Bear or lingerie bit TEDDY
Smart guys? ALECS
Mundane BLAH
Unaided performances SOLI
Caked with gunk CRUDDY
Copy, briefly REPRO
Prefix with "national" INTER
Blessings BOONS
"You ___ here" ARE
Lounges about LOLLS
Widespread RIFE
Important times ERAS
Not attend SKIP
Cries of wonderment OOHS
Debt letters IOU
Litigated SUED
Tissue thickness unit PLY
Gun sound BANG
Not fooled by ONTO
Mine entrance ADIT
Crude shack HOVEL
Org. filled with agents FBI
Haggling one BARTERER
45 moneymakers, once ASIDES
More affectionate FONDER
Photo ___ (PR stunts) OPS
Mature enough OFAGE
Kitchen sizzler BACON
Touch up EMEND
Judge’s domain COURT
Pound unit OUNCE
Noted gym letters YMCA
Fancy do COIF
Trippy lamp LAVA
Kitchen appliance OVEN
Landlord’s due RENT
Relaxation stations SPAS
Assaults with a knife STABS
Baby’s bed CRIB
Bothersome one PEST
Common greeting HELLO
Gambling city RENO
A Great Lake ERIE
Perfect IDEAL
Step ___ the plate UPTO
Father’s houseful WIFEANDCHILDREN
Hunts (with "on") PREYS
Smells ODORS
Plant again RESEED
Like a garage rag OILY
Exasperates IRKS
Bobbin SPOOL
Squeezing reptile BOA
Stand-up married guy FAITHFULHUSBAND
Parapsychology, briefly ESP
Follows the rules OBEYS
Prefix with "freeze" ANTI
Gung-ho AVID
Didn’t remember FORGOT
Corpulent OBESE
Take over as one’s own COOPT
Mother- or father-in-law? FAMILYCOUNSELOR
Passed with flying colors ACED
Pitcher’s platform MOUND
Critic’s accolade RAVE
Vamoosed GONE
"Odyssey" witch CIRCE
Winds up ENDS
Last word of fairy tales AFTER
Babble on wildly RANT