Universal Crossword Answers September 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Painter’s surface CANVAS
Item on a lab slide AMOEBA
Hat type BOATER
Repeat word-for-word ECHO
Knock over illegally? ROB
Flexible AGILE
Like shoes SOLED
Minute amount IOTA
Stereotypical picnic crashers ANTS
Farmer’s sowing machine SEEDER
Longoria of TV EVA
Damage MAR
Pen fill INK
Rose up, as spring water UPWELLED
Not there HERE
German auto OPEL
Trait carrier GENE
Not awake ABED
Caustic stuff LYE
Former NBA competitor ABA
Record to broadcast later TAPE
Type of trance HYPNOTIC
"So therefore" THUS
Tail movement WAG
Inkling IDEA
Elaborate burial place TOMB
The Emerald Isle, i.e. EIRE
"The Confessions of ___ Turner" NAT
Timetable abbr. ARR
One who follows orders OBEYER
Certain shade of green LIME
Sign up ENROLL
Irish language GAELIC
Feelings of dread ANGSTS
14-year-old, e.g. MINOR
Confused ATSEA
Historical periods ERAS
Make angry RILE
Mexican lady DONA
Dads and pops PAS
Mighty swing or pants embarrassment RIP
Abbreviation on a toothpaste tube ADA
Crude dwelling HUT
Scottish throwing pole CABER
Populous continent ASIA
Highway behemoth SEMI
Big name in gasoline, once AMOCO
Picone of fashion EVAN
Be a good planner. It wasn’t raining when … NOAHBUILTTHEARK
Executive negation VETO
Delighted or satisfied PLEASED
Lincoln’s nickname ABE
Not yet repaid OWED
Of noble bearing REGAL
Mexican shawl (var.) SARAPE
Because of that THEREBY
Ring around Washington, D.C. BELTWAY
Born as NEE
Big Bang theory. God spoke and bang! … ITALLHAPPENED
Loud, wild commotion ADO
Genus of tropical trees EUGENIA
Shapes with clay again REMOLDS
Daniel of Nicaragua ORTEGA
Bar mitzvah official RABBI
Chess finale MATE
Merriman or Goldin NAN
Academic retirees EMERITI
Bit of sediment DREG
As long as there are tests, there will be … PRAYERINSCHOOLS
Right-hand person AIDE
___ vera ALOE
Not illuminated UNLIT
Practice for a boxing match SPAR
Italian night SERA
Powders for baby TALCS