Usa Today Crossword Answers December 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Genius Bar staffers TECHS
Faun, in part GOAT
Spike, as punch LACE
Be of service AVAIL
Bean in Brunswick stew LIMA
Mosque figure IMAM
"Seek and ye shall find" is one BIBLICALPROVERB
Like some kitchen spoons SLOTTED
Get even for AVENGE
Reply to "Shall we?" LETS
Fiery feeling ARDOR
Yum! Brands Inc., to Taco Bell PARENT
No-goodniks HEELS
Quick-witted AGILE
One of a tandem’s two SEAT
Prefix with centric EGO
"I’m With Her," in 2016 POLITICALSLOGAN
Carbon dater’s determination AGE
Back muscles, informally LATS
Muppet Sam, for one EAGLE
Berry of "Monster’s Ball" HALLE
Carousel figures HORSES
More mean-spirited BASER
Deco notable ERTE
Andean source of wool ALPACA
Visitor to Vinland, c. 1000 A.D. ERICSON
Phrase accompanying a shield, perhaps COATOFARMSMOTTO
"Back in my day . . ." ONCE
At the peak of ATOP
Fold in a kilt PLAIT
Can’t do without NEED
Spiff up, in a way REDO
Feel in one’s bones SENSE
File folder extensions TABS
Nefarious doings EVIL
___ San Lucas (Mexican resort) CABO
Sword part HILT
Open, as an envelope SLIT
Clearing in a forest GLADE
Squeak stopper OIL
Fuse word AMP
Mitchell’s fictional plantation TARA
Giblets, in part LIVERS
Add a codicil to AMEND
Goods in a hold CARGO
Bit in a dying fire EMBER
Hoopster with a shamrock logo, briefly CELT
Simple Lionel layout OVAL
Place for a play THEATER
Jesse Ventura’s military group SEALS
Hemingway nickname PAPA
All atwitter AGOG
Irritate to no end RILE
REO part ELI
Part of a lacrosse goal NET
Roswell crash victims, some believe ETS
Map ratio SCALE
Frittata ingredients EGGS
Dorothy who visited Oz GALE
Bills with the motto "Annuit coeptis" ONES
Green around the gills ILL
Motivational speaker Buscaglia LEO
Shell crewman, or his implement OAR
Intense, as an argument HEATED
"With the bow," musically ARCO
Half a matching set HERS
Cheeseburger option BACON
Garbo line ender ALONE
The "final frontier" of sci-fi SPACE
Metronome setting TEMPO
Way out there AFAR
Devilish tykes IMPS
Porter who wrote "Night and Day" COLE
Musial in Cooperstown STAN
Redding who sang posthumously with Kanye West and Jay-Z OTIS
Message on a Post-it NOTE
Absorbed, as a loss ATE
Pretzel shape ROD