Usa Today Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
It’s no short story SAGA
Far from klutzy ADEPT
Peas, to pranksters AMMO
Shakespeare’s "Sadly . . ." ALAS
Synagogue reading TORAH
Burlesque show wraps BOAS
Insincere talk LIPSERVICE
"They misunderestimated me" speaker BUSH
Skein formation VEE
"___ there, done that" BEEN
"The queen of American folk music" ODETTA
Like a Mobius strip ENDLESS
Wall Street woe CRASH
LeRoy Neiman’s realm ART
"Twenty One" was one QUIZSHOW
Authoritative order EDICT
Risk getting bleeped CURSE
Moviedom’s Dr. Zaius, e.g. APE
Lindbergh, "the __ Eagle" LONE
Send seductive signals FLIRT
Strength of will GRIT
Scouring pad brand SOS
What was buried in "Treasure Island" BOOTY
College of Cardinals selections POPES
What stoics seldom display EMOTIONS
"No seats" initials SRO
Stew server LADLE
Hazard for skaters THINICE
Mountaineers’ goals APEXES
Deceptive practice SHAM
Languish in prison, slangily ROT
Daring skirt style MINI
Chipmunk’s facial feature CHEEKPOUCH
Bedtime story opener ONCE
Let up, as a storm ABATE
Succulent houseplant ALOE
Sunflower yield SEED
Like Admiral Byrd’s expeditions POLAR
Cause of a cold sweat FEAR
Healing ointment SALVE
Visitor from beyond Earth ALIEN
Showed shock GAPED
Aesopian equine ASS
Free from anxiety ATREST
Birds in magic acts DOVES
Land of colleens, poetically ERIN
Election-influencing org. PAC
Einstein, famously THEORIST
Convent head ABBESS
Twangy instrument MOUTHHARP
Yardarm’s place MAST
Workplace watchdog org. OSHA
Partner of Siskel and Roeper EBERT
Knock silly DAZE
Teddy material LACE
Spice in tandoori cuisine CURRY
Hands in one’s notice QUITS
Sheriff Andy’s fishing partner OPIE
Licks or sprinkles, say WETS
"Do it, or ___!" ELSE
Dire destiny DOOM
Alternative meaning for the starts of 17- and 55-Across and 11-Down INSOLENCE
The T. rex in "Jurassic Park," e.g. CLONE
Headgear for a court jester FOOLSCAP
Hockey or mob enforcer GOON
___ one’s time (wait) BIDE
Groom oneself elaborately PRIMP
Rolled to a runway TAXIED
Pepper dispenser SHAKER
Greek letter resembling a bisected "0" THETA
Winner’s boast IRULE
Mocha coffee ingredient COCOA
Early anesthetic ETHER
Tori at the piano AMOS
Cone-bearing tree PINE
Notary’s imprint SEAL
"Vice Principals" channel HBO
Klutzy sort OAF