Usa Today Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Disinfectant targets GERMS
Pack down, as tobacco TAMP
Home to an artist, perhaps LOFT
Heep of fiction URIAH
Tentmaker in a silent movie OMAR
Comics beagle since 1978 ODIE
Terminus of a hajj MECCA
Subject of mapping or splicing GENE
Target of an exterminator’s smoke bomb MOLE
Peddle from a pushcart, say HAWKONESWARES
Plaza de Toros cheer OLE
Metal in pewter TIN
Wheels, so to speak CAR
Topper at a dude ranch STETSON
Red state org. GOP
Cookie once billed as a "biscuit" OREO
Peer-pressure challenge CMON
Roll in a first-aid kit GAUZE
Be evasive, in a way DUCKTHEQUESTION
Bring down a notch ABASE
Well-worn pencils NUBS
"Show Boat" author Ferber EDNA
Fluid from a tree tap SAP
Trait lacking in egotists MODESTY
Fish in sushi bars EEL
PC’s "brain" CPU
Fairness-in-hiring letters EEO
Echo unthinkingly, perhaps PARROTAPHRASE
Property figure AREA
Fly on a line, e.g. LURE
Batter’s "O-fer" streak SLUMP
Austrian city known for tortes LINZ
Not know from ___ (fail to recognize) ADAM
Retreads, e.g. TIRES
Last word in chess MATE
Namby-pamby WIMP
Like Christmas scenes SNOWY
Eclipse or Orbit GUM
"Present," to a cockney ERE
"Too ___ for my blood!" RICH
Casino center near Hong Kong, as it’s sometimes spelled MACAO
Serapes, e.g. SHAWLS
Pizza order option TOGO
Congregation response AMEN
Feature of a male lion MANE
Faster than allegro PRESTO
Arthur Miller’s Willy LOMAN
Inert gas’s lack ODOR
Meet the April 15 deadline FILE
Pro shop supply TEES
Two-masted craft KETCH
Pegasus features WINGS
Endings of many sonatas CODAS
Caribbean island where Dutch is spoken ARUBA
Sportscaster’s summary RECAP
Do a rewrite on, perhaps EMEND
Chef’s white hat TOQUE
Purposely doesn’t invite SNUBS
Museum figure GUIDE
Gas in a layer OZONE
Punishment-related PENAL
Gives the green light to OKS
Satisfied the munchies ATE
9-Down, for one TEMPO
Fruity-smelling component of perfume ESTER
Billy the Kid or Robin Hood OUTLAW
Brewers’ and bakers’ needs YEASTS
The latest thing CRAZE
K.T. with four No. 1 hits in the U.S. OSLIN
Lifeline’s location PALM
Many a Puccini composition ARIA
Musical based on Puccini’s "La Boheme" RENT
Autobahn auto AUDI
Stroller, in Surrey PRAM
Cordage material HEMP
Greek drachma’s successor EURO
Cry from a litter MEW
YouTube sensation from South Korea PSY