Usa Today Crossword Answers December 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Itching to go EAGER
Sales agent’s handout CARD
Santa’s suit stainer SOOT
Word before "the law" or "it all" ABOVE
Alternative to a cab UBER
Hard-to-resist impulse URGE
Test for an apnea sufferer SLEEPSTUDY
Au naturel BARE
"You called?" YES
Unprepared student’s dread TEST
Spouting swimmers WHALES
Solo that may elicit a "Brava!" ARIA
Twister of the truth LIAR
Concerned with right and wrong MORAL
Idle chatter CHINMUSIC
Substance in a stratospheric layer OZONE
Enthusiastic reviews RAVES
Paleozoic or Mesozoic ERA
Like skin after Botox treatment TAUT
Is in harmony JIBES
Digitize, as a photo SCAN
Herb in pasta sauce BASIL
Western author Bret HARTE
Where to see the Rockettes RADIOCITY
Olympic blades EPEES
Fifth Avenue retailer SAKS
Niagara Falls ambience MIST
Equivalent of A flat GSHARP
Hardly close by AFAR
Best Buy buys, briefly CDS
Obsessed captain of fiction AHAB
Workplace wagering group OFFICEPOOL
Actor’s resume listing ROLE
Many a college freshman TEEN
Move crab-style SIDLE
Cat collar attachment BELL
Does embroidery SEWS
War horse STEED
Posing no challenge EASY
Unlike a rank amateur ABLE
Avoids crashing into GOESAROUND
Pre-festival time EVE
Chameleon or crocodile REPTILE
Budgetary sacrifices CUTS
Share a border ABUT
Holly berry’s hue RED
Sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio, for two DRYWINES
Impreza automaker SUBARU
Word before hygiene or history ORAL
Legendary brute OGRE
Caddie’s pocketful TEES
America’s Cup race locale SEA
Some smokehouse meats HAMS
Bombastic blog post RANT
Full of zip LIVELY
Ted Nugent, the "___ City Madman" MOTOR
Tanglewood’s Seiji ___ Hall OZAWA
Reason to call 911 CRISIS
Good thing to break, perhaps HABIT
What a spy might write or crack SECRETCODE
Ready to explode IRATE
Walkers’ supports CANES
Big wins in Las Vegas JACKPOTS
Depletes gradually SAPS
Porcine victim of Hercules BOAR
Paris Hilton or Patty Hearst HEIRESS
"City of the Beasts" novelist Allende ISABEL
Cheese go-with, for short MAC
What you wear GARB
Item with a tongue and a toe SHOE
Word that can follow the last parts of 17-, 29-, 43- and 57-Across HALL
Not very many AFEW
Distinctive features of 1959 Cadillacs FINS
Big name in bananas DOLE
Laplander’s transport SLED
Brokerage charge FEE
Avocado discard PIT