Usa Today Crossword Answers December 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Classic Japanese movie monster RODAN
Quiet sort, so to speak CLAM
"Rumor ___ it . . ." HAS
Word after rock or soap OPERA
Horne who sang "Stormy Weather" LENA
Hanukkah goodies GELT
Nuclear-missile agreement of 1972, redundantly SALTTREATY
"___ each life . . ." INTO
One of the social elite ALISTER
Giants’ home, for short SANFRAN
Graphic artists’ supplies INKS
Filled with ardor AFIRE
___ off (left shore) SHOVED
Letter between Sierra and Uniform TANGO
Fleshy-snouted beast TAPIR
Dance to "Aloha Oe," maybe HULA
Twenty quires REAM
Limerick land, in verse ERIN
Wearing a long face MOPEY
Modest skirt style MAXI
Part of a hammer head PEEN
Andy’s radio partner of old AMOS
"Kind of Blue" trumpeter Miles DAVIS
Out-and-out UTTER
Find loathsome DETEST
Gummi ___ (fruity candies) WORMS
PDQ, in the O.R. STAT
Home of the Crimson Tide ALABAMA
Bad rating for a restaurant ONESTAR
Fundraiser’s plea GIVE
Cash dispenser, redundantly ATMMACHINE
No longer in love with OVER
Limerick, e.g. POEM
Sacher ___ (pastry) TORTE
Neighbor of Homer and Marge NED
Fix at the vet’s office SPAY
Jouster’s mount STEED
Sub ___ (behind closed doors) ROSA
Birthstone for many Libras OPAL
Market section with a self-service kiosk DELI
They may be fine or lost ARTS
Not as frumpy NATTIER
Uriah Heep’s job CLERK
___ & Perrins (steak sauce brand) LEA
Bugs in an army ANTS
Angelou with a 1993 inaugural poem MAYA
Painter Matisse or Rousseau HENRI
Place to tie the knot ALTAR
Paver’s unit STONE
Computer image type, redundantly GIFFORMAT
Rip to pieces REND
Over-the-hill horse NAG
Dazed states STUPORS
How-to part STEP
Also-ran of fable HARE
Early Ron Howard TV role OPIE
Auto registration figure, redundantly VINNUMBER
Drinks rated in International Bitterness Units ALES
Bill-killing vote NAY
Dorothy Gale’s hoped-for destination HOME
Gutter locale EAVE
One of three in a 3-D graph AXIS
Dampen, as a houseplant MIST
MMA cage surface MAT
Catches a whiff of DETECTS
Org. with wands and X-ray machines TSA
Carvey who played the Church Lady DANA
Hayride vehicle WAGON
Mixologist’s garnish OLIVE
Talked gibberish RAVED
Rock 13-Across with the song "I’m Free" TOMMY
Google ___ (route-suggesting app) MAPS
On the pinnacle of ATOP
Serving of Fireball SHOT
Lose steam TIRE
Prefix with bellum or meridian ANTE
English horn need REED
___ culpa MEA