Usa Today Crossword Answers December 23rd 2017

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Clue Solution
___ metabolic rate BASAL
Takes the bull by the horns ACTS
Seafood salad morsel CRAB
Girl who fell down a rabbit hole ALICE
"We’re in trouble!" UHOH
PC key above End HOME
Sire, biblically BEGET
"Bye for now" TATA
"Voice of Israel" author Abba EBAN
Sex determinant in the human genome YCHROMOSOME
Insertion with a letter (Abbr.) ENC
Suffix in political science ISM
Full of team spirit RAHRAH
___ Awards (honors for extreme stupidity) DARWIN
"A Woman Reading" painter Camille COROT
Morsel in a chipmunk’s cheek pouch ACORN
Holey, plastic shoe CROC
Joins an office pool, perhaps BETS
Classic question from a child WHYISTHESKYBLUE
Sans mixer, at a bar NEAT
Slice of toast, in diner lingo RAFT
On one’s toes ALERT
Ira who wrote "Rosemary’s Baby" LEVIN
Sixth-graders, usually TWEENS
Women’s prison official MATRON
Domino’s delivery, informally PIE
"___ day now . . ." ANY
System with hotspots WIFINETWORK
Inside dope INFO
Compete on "The Biggest Loser," say DIET
Lennon’s ode to Ono WOMAN
Could really use NEED
Up-front payment ANTE
Really steamed IRATE
Ivana and Marla, to Donald EXES
___ John letter DEAR
Far from relaxed TENSE
Reason to display a wooden stork BABY
Baldwin who lampoons Trump ALEC
"Alas" sound SIGH
Maker of Aspire PCs ACER
30 Seconds to Mars vocalist Jared LETO
Dollar rentals AUTOS
Yawning fissure CHASM
Movie dog captured by a flying monkey TOTO
Aer Lingus symbol SHAMROCK
Title role for Benicio del Toro CHE
Surrenderer at Appomattox ROBERTELEE
Appliance brand named for an Iowa colony AMANA
Second-stringers’ spot BENCH
Lower limit (Abbr.) MIN
Cerumen-producing organ EAR
Walk haltingly HOBBLE
When roosters crow DAWN
Result of overexertion, often ACHE
Payment to a franchisor ROYALTYFEE
Contributor to a blog WRITER
Walk-___ (some clinics) INS
Tag figure COST
Sleuth portrayed by Oland and Ustinov CHAN
TKO caller REF
Obey a Garmin command TURN
Uses curlers on SETS
Neighbor of Tobago TRINIDAD
Swerve off course YAW
"I do," e.g. VOW
Intersection at which one must 37-Down TEE
State bordering only one other MAINE
New wing, e.g. ANNEX
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Larry of the Three Stooges FINE
Silly sort, to a Brit TWIT
Became threadbare WORE
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Mob turncoats RATS
Place for a pants patch KNEE
"___ bodkins!" ODS