Usa Today Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Six-sided solid CUBE
Portrait holder FRAME
Passport addendum VISA
Highest point attainable APEX
NBC drama with Susan Dey LALAW
Pork or beef cut LOIN
Line dance part STEP
Any Sundance Film Festival entry INDIE
Polly, to Tom Sawyer AUNT
Bill Clinton’s birthplace HOPEARKANSAS
Feature of two lowercase letters DOT
Handle incorrectly MISDO
Firth or Farrell of moviedom COLIN
"Slap Shot" sport ICEHOCKEY
Address a convention ORATE
Some jazz band horns, briefly SAXES
ICU drips IVS
Apportion, with "out" METE
Become clogged JAMUP
Greenwich guy, for short BRIT
It may be bruised or massaged EGO
Practiced, as a trade PLIED
Barbecue need SAUCE
Tiny, curly-haired dog TOYPOODLE
Word before ear or tube INNER
Spiral-shelled mollusk SNAIL
Try the patience of IRK
Maker of a papery nest WASP
Lavatory sign INUSE
Instrument called "an ill wind" OBOE
One with fawning fans IDOL
Company store currency SCRIP
"Lemony Snicket" villain Count ___ OLAF
Shipping charge factor, often ZONE
Word that can follow the first parts of 20-, 31-, 44- and 49-Across CHEST
"Mild-mannered reporter" of old TV KENT
Birthday card inclusion, sometimes CASH
___ no good (scheming) UPTO
Road Runner’s syllable BEEP
Put on the fast track EXPEDITE
Wink suggestively, say FLIRT
Position in a pecking order RANK
Alan of "The Aviator" ALDA
Disney World’s ___ Street U.S.A. MAIN
Sources of feta cheese EWES
Pickle brand with a stork mascot VLASIC
Debtor’s note IOU
Biblical transgression SIN
Mound-building insect ANT
Unbeatable rating AONE
Cookie maker Wally AMOS
Trail at Vail SKIRUN
Printer or modem, for a PC DEVICE
Shellfish in a bed OYSTER
Celestial streakers COMETS
The Beaver State OREGON
Sister of Janet Jackson LATOYA
"To repeat . . ." ISAID
Lawrence of Arabia’s mount CAMEL
Display, as charm EXUDE
With it, in old slang HEP
"The Boy Next Door" actress, casually JLO
Depositor’s record BANKBOOK
Either end of Earth’s axis POLE
Part of a horse’s pedigree SIRE
Clearasil target PIMPLE
Accident-prone INEPT
Frisbee or checker DISC
Snowfall unit INCH
Medical researcher’s goal CURE
Cow-horned goddess ISIS
Not at all 48-Down ABLE
Credit union offering LOAN
Flew the coop LEFT
"The ___" (Diana Ross musical) WIZ
Fuss over trivialities ADO
Romeo, to Lady Montague SON