Usa Today Crossword Answers July 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Italian fashion center MILAN
Surrealist with a distinctive mustache DALI
Place to buy or sell MART
Ecstasy’s antithesis AGONY
Boardroom "suit" EXEC
Frankenstein’s flunky IGOR
Dairy product of the Franciscans of Monterey JACKCHEESE
Bird in Wonderland DODO
Common racetrack shape OVAL
___ line (dipstick mark) ADD
Planted eavesdropping devices in BUGGED
Publicist’s handout RELEASE
Web designer’s creation PAGE
Summer Arctic phenomenon MIDNIGHTSUN
Gasoline thief’s tool SIPHON
Braying equine ASS
Prop for Mr. Monopoly CANE
Twiddles one’s thumbs IDLES
Garment with an underwire BRA
Need-to-know ___ BASIS
Toxic metal in old paint LEAD
Rapid blinking, e.g. TIC
Spurts of energy BURSTS
Desert-dwelling rodent KANGAROORAT
Nights of anticipation EVES
Element in murder mysteries ARSENIC
Utter chaos MAYHEM
Amber-preserved stuff in "Jurassic Park" DNA
When tripled, a 1970 war movie TORA
Cookie with flower designs OREO
Family outcast BLACKSHEEP
"This Is Life" host Lisa LING
Loughlin of "Full House" LORI
Pasta often served alla vodka PENNE
Scot’s sweetheart LASS
Gave the once-over to EYED
Catkin-bearing tree ALDER
The Masters, as tournaments go MAJOR
Brushoff to a solicitor IGAVE
It makes all the stops LOCAL
Place for a spat ANKLE
MoMA locale NYC
Transferred, as property DEEDED
Gave the boot to AXED
Gibson ___ Paul guitars LES
Applications to sprains ICEBAGS
Tiny racing auto MIDGETCAR
Bug-eyed AGOG
Teased mercilessly RODE
Trampled underfoot, with "on" TROD
Invites for coffee, say HASIN
"That’s disgusting!" UGH
Radio and TV partner of Andy AMOS
Galileo Galilei Airport city PISA
Pusher’s pursuer NARCO
Wisenheimer’s talk SASS
Newton or watt UNIT
Head Untouchable NESS
Product of domesticated insects SILK
Skull session nugget IDEA
Word following game or floor PLAN
Sega’s Sonic et al. HEDGEHOGS
Book-jacket blurbs, often BIOS
Partner of ifs and ands BUTS
Show fright TREMBLE
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud BARAK
Greeting for Caesar AVE
Like spoiled butter RANCID
Lucy’s sitcom pal ETHEL
Ad infinitum NOEND
Peace personified IRENE
Bank heist, e.g. CAPER
Defoe’s "___ Flanders" MOLL
Pavarotti offering ARIA
Hankerings YENS
Instigation for a prank, often DARE
Myrna of "The Thin Man" LOY
Place for a body wrap SPA