Usa Today Crossword Answers July 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Invited to one’s penthouse, say HADUP
Some fragrant cakes SOAPS
Online chuckle LOL
Reason to take Maalox AGITA
Theme park near Orlando EPCOT
White House nickname ABE
Soak satirist Dorothy? WATERPARKER
Word of impatience NOW
Do-it-yourselfer’s purchase KIT
Hawkeye Pierce’s branch ARMY
Kicked in ADDED
Stir-fry vegetable SNOWPEA hookups DATES
Bombard playwright Arthur? PEPPERMILLER
Corday’s victim MARAT
Mooch, as a cigarette BUM
Like a concert CD LIVE
Post-op area ICU
Wise king of Israel SOLOMON
Place for an easy chair DEN
Miner’s helmet attachment LAMP
Be under the weather AIL
Partner of Siskel, then Roeper EBERT
Command novelist Norman? DIRECTMAILER
Cropped up AROSE
Gives Xanax to, e.g. SEDATES
Enjoy monkey bars CLIMB
It doesn’t fly on the Sabbath ELAL
1945 flag-raising site, briefly IWO
Elevate novelist Joseph? RAISEHELLER
Six-Day War weapon UZI
Take up, as a cause ADOPT
Move like a crab SIDLE
Oscar winner Kingsley BEN
They did bin Laden in SEALS
Pro-war sorts HAWKS
"Encore," literally AGAIN
"Same here" DITTO
4×4 vehicle, for short UTE
Protective barriers on roofs PARAPETS
Navigator’s chart SEAMAP
Nashville music mecca, familiarly OPRY
Cry from Bill the Cat ACK
For whom the Edgar was named POE
Low-level clouds STRATI
Electoral College blowout LANDSLIDE
English horn’s cousin OBOE
Deserving an X rating LEWD
Get ready for the OR PREP
Competitor of HP and Acer DELL
Largest New Deal agcy. WPA
Item in Zak Starkey’s kit DRUM
Snowballs and spitballs, to kids AMMO
"The Hot Zone" virus EBOLA
"Best Song ___" (One Direction hit) EVER
Monopoly deed figure RENT
Like zero-alarm chili MILD
Antioxidant berry in smoothies ACAI
Alcoholic-sounding ice cream flavor RUMRAISIN
Stable fare OATS
Gimlet garnish LIME
Uncalled for NEEDLESS
Salon job, informally PERM
Rare sight at a topless beach BRA
Charmers’ snakes COBRAS
Spots on a 6-Down ISLETS
Sister of Rachel, in the Bible LEAH
Swinton of "Michael Clayton" TILDA
Tom of "The Seven Year Itch" EWELL
Results of chafing SORES
Word with sandwich or soda CLUB
Lounge around LAZE
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g. ESPY
Bother, to the Bard ADO
Lithium-___ battery ION
Churn out whoppers LIE