Usa Today Crossword Answers July 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Become swollen BLOAT
"Think again, pal!" ASIF
Red-nosed Disney chipmunk DALE
"Sicko" director Michael MOORE
Knee-concealing skirt MIDI
Kaffiyeh-wearing leader EMIR
Appliance in a Denny’s kitchen WAFFLEIRON
Bean favored by Hannibal Lecter FAVA
Like a night owl’s hours LATE
Elicits a popeyed look from AMAZES
Consummate skill MASTERY
Sugar in apricots and dates GLUCOSE
Brings about, as wrath INCURS
No longer retired? ARISEN
Hoity-toity types SNOBS
Subsist on 27-Down GRAZE
Lab maze solver RAT
Make a sucker of DUPE
Sheep’s clothing, so to speak GUISE
Goodly sum PILE
Cheer with an accented vowel OLE
Is a buttinsky PRIES
Lacks roots, in a way ROVES
Where boats may run aground SHOALS
Oasis locale DESERT
Have a go at ATTEMPT
LBJ declared war on it POVERTY
Many an Urban Dictionary entry PHRASE
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
Recipient of a bequest HEIR
Learning venue for many tweens JUNIORHIGH
Tax planners’ suggestions IRAS
Quite a way off AFAR
Marisa of "The Wrestler" TOMEI
Muscle above a pec DELT
Custodial closet items MOPS
Ladybugs’ markings SPOTS
Munich-based automaker BMW
Mauna ___ LOA
Punch-in-the-gut reaction OOF
Sound from Sandy ARF
Handlers of deposits TELLERS
Friendly relations AMITY
Foal’s father SIRE
Witness’s pledge IDO
Carve one’s initials on, say DEFACE
Its source is in Peru AMAZONRIVER
Subjects for biopics LIVES
Remove all traces of ERASE
They may be plugged or tugged EARS
Calliope or Clio MUSE
Louse up MISDO
Legally undo ANNUL
1925 event whose title often includes "Monkey" SCOPESTRIAL
Charmin roll’s center TUBE
Pasture growth GRASS
Sign after Pisces ARIES
Courtroom admission GUILT
Shout "Duck!" to, say ALERT
Easily ticked off TESTY
Welch’s or Smucker’s offering GRAPEJAM
Prepare for a selfie POSE
Some lap dogs, briefly POMS
Goes back, in a way REVERTS
Publisher of Esquire HEARST
Extinct cousin of the pigeon DODO
Sap-sucking insect APHID
"Finished at last!" THERE
Groupings in "Noah" PAIRS
Flip one’s wig SNAP
Sci-fi craft UFO
Move like Kanga HOP
Tweeter’s "As I see it . . ." IMO
Exact revenge on GET
HMS part, sometimes HIS