Usa Today Crossword Answers July 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bakery allure AROMA
The bearded Smurf PAPA
Weather map feature LOW
Lawrence of Arabia’s mount CAMEL
Line-___ veto ITEM
Cry following an errant drive FORE
All settled up EVENSTEVEN
Comstock’s bonanza LODE
Drop in the mail SENDOUT
Did another take of RETAPED
Emeril catchword BAM
Mythical goat-men SATYRS
Spills hot coffee on, say SCALDS
Behave like a brat ACTUP
FBI director fired by Trump COMEY
Bit of subterfuge PLOY
Arkin of "Argo" ALAN
One of the Oyls of "Thimble Theatre" OLIVE
Locale of a tiny "hammer" EAR
First principle of Kwanzaa UNITY
Enjoy the kiddie pool WADE
Dean of "Lois & Clark" CAIN
Weigh station visitors SEMIS
Tellers of fish stories LIARS
PC key below "Insert" DELETE
Expel from law practice DISBAR
Id counterpart EGO
Has in mind INTENDS
Takes part in a rebellion RISESUP
Mince and Boston cream PIES
Feature of an unrifled firearm SMOOTHBORE
Exit hastily SCAT
Sargasso Sea spawners EELS
Travel as Mir did ORBIT
U.K. lexicon OED
Shirts with slogans TEES
Oater pursuit group POSSE
Pair in a "dead man’s hand" ACES
"Must-see" review RAVE
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
Heal, as bone MEND
"One more thing . . ." ALSO
Madonna-and-son depiction PIETA
Motocross wheels, briefly ATV
Look through a keyhole PEER
Forgiveness, as to draft evaders AMNESTY
Nutty as a fruitcake LOOPY
Gavel pounder’s demand ORDER
Unwanted vegetation WEEDS
HDTV screen feature FLATPANEL
Places for rubber duckies TUBS
Cross-shaped Greek letter TAU
Feeling of unease MALAISE
Garbage-hauling vessel SCOW
Burger-joint beverage COLA
In the thick of AMID
100 percent effort LEVELBEST
Tie-___ (like some 67-Across) DYE
Grain used in brewing Coors Light CORN
Fruit in fruit cocktail PEAR
Fruit for a twist LIME
Plugging away ATIT
The Big Board, briefly NYSE
Play for a patsy USE
Complete Topps series, e.g. CARDSET
Anderson of rock’s Jethro Tull IAN
Two-thirds of DIY DOIT
Barfly, for short DIPSO
How fish may be packed INICE
Suffix with home or bed STEAD
Net plus tare GROSS
Hook’s henchman SMEE
Patronize SHOP
Iberian Peninsula river EBRO
Cries out loud SOBS
"Mitla Pass" author Leon URIS
Seeger of folk PETE
Cheer at the corrida OLE