Wall Street Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soph enlightener PROF
Commencement ONSET
Responded to a charge PLED
Broad bean FAVA
Plays on the field DOWNS
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Cleric in plaid robes? CHECKEREDPASTOR
Move, in realty lingo RELO
Org.’s kin ASSN
Ideology ISM
Enrico Caruso, perhaps? TOPTENOR
Swimmer Ledecky KATIE
Handbag part CLASP
Maine megalopolis? BIGBANGOR
Home to many poissons MER
England’s "painter of light" TURNER
A great deal TONS
Greiner of "Shark Tank" LORI
Is out for a while NAPS
Musical opening ACTI
Untroubled SERENE
Uninspired existence RUT
Mining magnate’s home? IRONMANOR
Bridge bid, briefly ONENO
Sales employee on NBC’s "Superstore" MATEO
"I hear the sailboarders are dealing drugs," e.g.? BAYRUMOR
Check out EYE
Euclid’s home OHIO
"O terra, addio" singer AIDA
Leader of the insurgency? DOMINANTTRAITOR
Hit the dirt? ALIT
Heir to the family fortune SCION
Soapy film SCUM
Diplomatic asset TACT
Diplomatic goals PACTS
What are you looking at? THIS
LCpl’s subordinate PFC
Cry from the stands RAH
Like bogeys OVERPAR
Diamond features FACETS
Movie house ODEON
Negating link NOR
Ready for testimony SWEARIN
They might be loose or tight ENDS
Recipe amts. TSPS
Step for Stepanova PAS
Best Original Song winner at the 2014 Oscars LETITGO
It may reduce some bank deposits EROSION
Skylight alternatives DORMERS
Sticky-fingered sort KLEPTO
"She’s a Lady" songwriter ANKA
"31 Days of Oscar" network TCM
Cry from the stands OLE
Leno’s successor and predecessor OBRIEN
Tamandua’s diet ANTS
Family divisions GENERA
Cereal choice BRAN
She-bear, in Latin URSA
Group of waiters LINE
City on the Illinois River PEORIA
Prepared to hit AIMEDAT
Colorful Hallmark subsidiary CRAYOLA
Serving as a symbol TOTEMIC
Stiff or unemotional ROBOTIC
"The Thrilla in Manila," e.g. REMATCH
Game with red, green, blue and yellow suits UNO
Rugged outcrop TOR
Sea of Crises setting MOON
Buff buff NUDIST
Rambling tales YARNS
Padlock’s place HASP
Pachamama worshiper INCA
Gomez’s hirsute cousin ITT
Squirt TOT
Paris accord OUI
Bldg. units RMS