Wall Street Crossword Answers December 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Innocent, e.g. POPE
Burglar deterrent ALARM
Jif container JAR
Blackguard ROGUE
Swiss canton URI
Millennials’ parents GENERATIONX
OR workers DRS
Ceremonies for newborns NAMINGS
Slime on "Double Dare" GAK
Every six hours, in an Rx QID
Low digit? TOE
"I’m Free" musical TOMMY
Applies to USESON
"I need it yesterday," for short ASAP
Co-star of Zero in "The Producers" GENE
Genre for Hank Williams, briefly CANDW
Its logo hides an arrow in the white space FEDEX
Small songbird TIT
Last word of "Jack and Jill" AFTER
Bran substance, to Brits FIBRE
Co-star of Nicole in "Malice" ALEC
"The Corpse Had a Familiar Face" author Buchanan EDNA
Sea eagles ERNES
"Little Orphan Annie" henchman THEASP
Kukulkan worshiper MAYAN
___ Lanka SRI
Magic 8 Ball answer YES
Sombrero, e.g. HAT
Makes potable, perhaps DESALTS
Mike Pence was its gov. IND
Two-time loser to Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier JERRYQUARRY
1998 Angelina Jolie TV movie GIA
Finnish architect Alvar AALTO
"Mean but green" auto PRIUS
Fooled HAD
Inflict, as vengeance WREAK
First homicide victim ABEL
Mastermind piece PEG
Futbol fan’s shout OLE
Groan elicitor PUN
Adam’s apple location? EDEN
Swing legend Shaw ARTIE
Beef cut LOIN
Excited AGOG
Tex-___ (popular cuisine) MEX
Subtitle of "Terminator 2" JUDGMENTDAY
Orderly grouping ARRAY
Sister of Thalia ERATO
In the company of AMONG
Japanese immigrant ISSEI
One who doesn’t pay child support DEADBEATDAD
Killer whale ORCA
Computer security program with the slogan "Together is power" MCAFEE
Gyrocompass inventor SPERRY
Big party FETE
H look-alikes ETAS
Common soccer score NIL
Not bright DENSE
Tortilla sandwiches WRAPS
Lawless character XENA
Key combo pressed to exit a program CTRLQ
Make beloved ENDEAR
Ask to borrow bucks from HITUP
Give approval SAYOK
Contemporary of Agatha ERLE
Sp. title SRTA
Singer-songwriter Bareilles SARA
Chat JAW
Make fun of RIB
Feel remorse for RUE
Chic monogram YSL