Wall Street Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Comet part TAIL
Captain aboard the Nautilus NEMO
Ens.’s superiors in the 29-Down LTS
Danish shoe company with stores in many malls ECCO
Corkscrew shape HELIX
Before long SOON
Visual feature in Time, perhaps PHOTOESSAY
Continental coin EURO
Charged bit ION
Place SITE
Grazing area MEADOW
Trivial ornament DOODAD
Swampy spots BOGS
Descartes observation COGITOERGOSUM
"Beauty and the Beast" beauty BELLE
"The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" author HUGO
Launcher of Voyager probes NASA
2002 Winter Olympics host nat. USA
Pretend LETON
Like some slick roads ICY
Sail supporter MAST
"Oh, you wish!" ASIF
Dancer’s fiery performance TANGO
Enact, as a law PUTINTOEFFECT
Denial in Deutschland NEIN
"Be right with you…" ONESEC
Foundation garment CORSET
To be sung by two, in music ADUE
Rose of Guns N’ Roses AXL
Port in the Keystone State ERIE
"The Name of the Rose" writer UMBERTOECO
"The Old Curiosity Shop" girl NELL
Classic Christmas presents DOLLS
Arles articles UNES
Stocking stuffer found in the long Across answers TOE
Fencing sword EPEE
Destination for many winter vacations ISLE
Lukewarm TEPID
Sound from a cold sufferer ACHOO
Attacker of accepted ideas ICONOCLAST
"It’s beginning to look a ___ like Christmas…" LOT
Place for geese a-laying, say NEST
Otherwise ELSE
Film’s Farrow MIA
"Definite maybe" or "open secret," e.g. OXYMORON
Like many a Christmas sweater LOUD
Barcelona bull TORO
"White Christmas" weather SNOW
Alpine heroine HEIDI
"’Tis the ___ to be jolly…" SEASON
Missouri River tributary OSAGE
Nog ingredient EGG
Amer. currency DOL
Ask to be excused BEGOFF
Holy Trinity member THESON
Belly bulge OUTIE
"Christmas Oratorio" composer Camille SAINTSAENS
Mil. branch in the Dept. of Homeland Security USCG
Turkey sandwich spread MAYO
Mogul on a ski slope, essentially BUMP
Jacob’s twin ESAU
90 degrees north, for the North Pole LATITUDE
Christmas tree decoration TINSEL
Basic belief TENET
Top card ACE
Maiden name label NEE
Petits ___ (small cakes) FOURS
Really shine EXCEL
Within walking distance CLOSE
Small change CENT
Popular cookie OREO
Irritate RILE
Up to the task ABLE
Strike out, in proofing DELE
Swabber’s tool MOP
Assent in France OUI