Wall Street Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Engulfed by AMID
Stockyard divisions PENS
Site of some seismic activity FAULT
Lingerie trim LACE
Lip balm ingredient ALOE
Icy abode IGLOO
*Hilary Hahn or Joshua Bell VIOLINIST
Tot tender NANNY
Spots with jingles ADS
Like the top names on Santa’s list, perhaps NICEST
Declines SAGS
You can count on them ABACI
Gullible folks SAPS
*Item in an exchange CHRISTMASGIFT
"I don’t know if there’ll be snow, but have a cup of ___" CHEER
Wilson or Coolidge RITA
Cry of epiphany AHA
Funny Foxx REDD
Nativity story source BIBLE
Slightly ATAD
Macadam binder TAR
Braxton with the 2001 album "Snowflakes" TONI
Minute crop pest APHID
*They’ll make you look better PAIROFGLASSES
Level TIER
Comics worker INKER
Roadies’ loads AMPS
Aquafina rival DASANI
Number of turtledoves TWO
Amy Winehouse hit REHAB
*Outlaw in green ROBINHOOD
Baja buddy AMIGO
Major fashion magazine ELLE
Heckelphone’s cousin OBOE
Preposition in some winter forecasts BELOW
Subpar grades DEES
Ties the knot WEDS
Edison’s middle name ALVA
One of eight "a-milking" MAID
Solids with 20 faces ICOSAHEDRA
Location of DuPont’s hdqrs. DEL
Freaks out PANICS
Draw out ELICIT
Rudolph’s beacon NOSE
Starts a voyage SETSSAIL
Half a sawbuck FIN
Four-time Australian Open champion AGASSI
Radius partner ULNA
"Winter lies too ___ in country towns": Willa Cather LONG
Many stocking stuffers TOYS
Site of "bombs bursting" INAIR
Little bite TASTE
Raised BRED
Green org.? PGA
Unlikely to buy good presents, perhaps CHEAP
Underworld boss MRBIG
Waiting room pacer FATHERTOBE
Massenet opera THAIS
Old PC monitor CRT
Tack on ADD
Reacted to a bad call BOOED
Visible through night-vision goggles, say INFRARED
Church section APSE
Start for cycle or centennial TRI
Welcome warmly ASKIN
"We’re on!" ITSAGO
"___ Song" (John Denver hit) ANNIES
Many a Moroccan ARAB
Viral phenomenon MEME
Ice hockey’s Esposito PHIL
Boot part SOLE
Fireplace fuel WOOD
Poems of praise ODES
What each of the starred answers has BOW
"…to see if reindeer really know ___ to fly" HOW