Wall Street Crossword Answers December 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
You might have a shot at it BAR
John Phillips and Denny Doherty, in a band PAPAS
Cooper creations CASKS
Reminiscent of ALA
What a horse may win by ANOSE
Mawkish memo? HOKEYNOTE
Ice show venue ARENA
Dictator’s underling STENO
The very upright Humpty Dumpty? HONESTEGG
Port sight TUG
"___ Sat on a Sunny Bank" (English folk carol) ASI
Quaking of a kidnap victim? HOSTAGEFRIGHT
"He knows if you’ve been ___ or good, so be good for goodness sake!" BAD
It may be cold or dry SPELL
Fleece, perhaps CHEAT
Father of Phobos ARES
Product of the Army’s Project PX ENIAC
"Cheerio!" TATA
Michaelmas daisy, e.g. ASTER
Needle VEX
Report on a highly sought stock? HOTISSUEPAPER
Gardner of "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" AVA
Vixen, e.g. SHE
Sedan in the garage? HOUSEDCAR
A matter of degrees? ANGLE
Cry in a snowball battle IMHIT
Bongo that’s boring? HOHUMDRUM
Unidirectional semiconductor DIODE
End of ___ ANERA
Boxing legend ALI
Clear sky, to poets ETHER
They make lists of those who are good DEANS
"___ do you recall the most famous reindeer of all?" BUT
Scrooge snarls BAHS
Heaps ALOT
Tool with teeth RAKE
Dividends PAYOUTS
"Chilly Scenes of Winter" writer Beattie ANN
"That’s plain silly!" POOH
About ASTO
Spotted SEEN
"The Gift of the Magi" or "A Christmas Carol" CLASSIC
Irrefutable AIRTIGHT
Hook helper SMEE
Wenceslas, e.g. KING
Male reindeer STAG
Fangorn Forest race ENTS
Musical gift EAR
Exhibit wonder GAPE
Like Arctic winters HARSH
Thomas Campbell’s "___ Winter" ODETO
Lav label GENTS
Philanthropist Yale ELIHU
Sun burst FLARE
Lift, though not easily HEAVE
Baseball dinger TATER
Nativity show sound BAA
Word after gift or sales TAX
Heat, so to speak COPS
Rosie, e.g. RIVETER
Most of the Lucayan Archipelago BAHAMAS
In need of a lift SAD
Await a decision PEND
Keep away from prying eyes HIDE
"I’m in trouble now!" UHOH
Libya neighbor CHAD
Primo AONE
First name in the "Cheers" cast RHEA
Impress greatly GRAB
Doozy LULU
Throw out EMIT
Catering container URN