Wall Street Crossword Answers December 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Driving hazard on sunny days GLARE
CD follower ROM
Decoration, e.g. AWARD
Food processor EATER
Layer of green eggs EMU
Luge participant, for one RACER
It’s round (like the dots you need to connect) and associated with Santa (like what you’ll create when you do) THEARCTICCIRCLE
LAX guess ETA
Straight, in combinations ORTHO
Ocasek of the Cars RIC
Copycat’s game MIMICRY
Kind of skirt MIDI
Wyoming senator Mike ENZI
Main group, in the Tour de France PELOTON
Like some relationships between women SORORAL
Vespers time EVENING
Women-only chain of gyms big in the 1980s SPALADY
Gift attachment TAG
Be a blemish on MAR
"I’m not ___, but I play one on TV" ADOCTOR
Comedian who lived to 100 BOBHOPE
Buick sold from 1959 to 2005 LESABRE
States of civil disturbance UNRESTS
Deliberately taunt BAIT
Barbecue joint order RIBS
Sport played on grounds POLO
New England college town ORONO
You need a reed to play one OBOE
Recipient of coal from Santa, perhaps BRAT
Flax product LINEN
Magnitogorsk’s river URAL
Wields a needle SEWS
Alma mater of Newt Gingrich EMORY
Parlor works, briefly TATS
"Attack!" GETEM
Emmy winner Christine LAHTI
Top players ATEAM
Stephen of "The Crying Game" REA
Miscalculate ERR
Giving it another go RETRYING
Neglect OMIT
To a significantly reduced degree MUCHLESS
Cardinals, on scoreboards ARI
Cold or flame follower WAR
West African capital ACCRA
Item in a museum, often RELIC
Rubbish DRECK
Line of police CORDON
Laundromat COINOP
"___ your side!" IMON
___ Field (where the Mets play) CITI
Political journalist Klein EZRA
Sci. studied in high school BIOL
Peony piece PETAL
Sidestep EVADE
Bricks for tots LEGOS
Univision anchor Jorge RAMOS
Change with the times ADAPT
Harplike instruments LYRES
Boston Brahmin family who "talk only to God" CABOTS
Not yet determined, for short TBA
Blackbird family member ORIOLE
Give a second treatment, as a beard RETRIM
Stove feature BURNER
How some bagels taste ONIONY
"Hold on a sec," while texting BRB
Umpire’s call HESOUT
Network based in Arlington PBS
Settlers of Catan resource ORE
Judy Sheindlin studied it LAW
Artistic Yoko ONO
Item of athletic wear BRA
Granola bar piece OAT
Johannesburg-born golfer ELS