Washington Post Crossword Answers July 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sub store deli
Noteworthy memorable
Distinctive period era
Video game room arcade
Plant anchors roots
____ of Man isle
Feel sick ail
Unusual fish seahorse
Prayer word amen
French cap beret
Wipe away erase
River mouth delta
Handbag tote
True statement fact
Far East orient
Untruthful ones liars
Fair (hyph.) soso
Stuff cram
Halts stops
Italian seaport naples
Slow mover snail
Work together cooperate
Different else
Perceived seen
Tiniest smallest
Penny cent
Tresses hair
Pronouncement decree
Light tan beige
____ Sam uncle
Stainless ____ steel
Acts deeds
Fortas and Lincoln abes
Outer covering skin
Wine bottle word brut
Lodges inns
Pub beverage ale
Compass pt. wsw
Notre ____ dame
Keen avid
Not up yet abed
Continually ever
Comic ____ O’Donnell rosie
Simple mere
South American capital lima
____ damage collateral
Wedding vow (2 wds.) ido
Destiny fate
Not lying honest
Streets roads
Building site lot
Boston ____ Party tea
Not abundant scarce
Warning signal siren
Planet’s path orbit
RR terminals stas
Top cards aces
Discount event sale
Sleep noise snore
____ vault pole
Forewarning omen
Atlas entries maps
Nearby close
Bangkok natives thais
Intensify deepen
Motor coach bus
Everything all
Thick dense
Involve entail
Religious subgroup sect
Baseball stat rbi
Relaxing initial activity icebreaker
Alert warn
Mirth glee
Coast slide
Shock stun
Snakelike fish eels
Anxious tense
Dampens wets
Opera highlights arias